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Virgo traits

Virgo is the sixth astrological zodiac sign. Those that are born between the dates August 23 and September 21 fall under the sign of Virgo.

The Virgo zodiac sign is summarized by the following key details and statistics:

  • Constellation: Virgo
  • Zodiac sign symbol: the Virgin Maiden
  • Ruling planet: Mercury
  • Element: Earth
  • Polarity: negative or feminine
  • Quality or modality: Mutable (associated with change and expression of energy)
  • Money Planet: Venus
  • Career Planet: Mercury
  • Love Planet: Neptune
  • Gemstones: Carnelian, Moss Agate, Jade, Jasper, and Blue Sapphire
  • Lucky days of the week: Wednesday and Friday
  • Lucky numbers: 2, 3, 5 and 6
  • Lucky colors: yellow, orange, green, and earth tones (gray and brown)
  • Scents: lily of the valley, lilac, storax, and lavender
  • Flower: clover
  • Animal: magpie
  • Fabric: linen
  • Metal: Platinum and Quicksilver
  • Wood: Ash wood
  • Favorable traits of a Virgo: pleasant, organized, methodical, analytical, spiritual, reserved, and neat
  • Dark traits of a Virgo: critical, worrisome, lonely, emotionally distant, very introverted, and shallow
  • Best zodiac sign compatibility of a Virgo: Taurus and Capricorn
  • Worst zodiac sign compatibility of a Virgo: Gemini and Sagittarius
  • Famous personalities who were born under the Virgo astrology sign: Adam Sandler, Barry White, Beyonce Knowles, Bill Murray, Bruce Springsteen, Cameron Diaz, Eugene Field, H G Wells, Ivan Pavlov, Jeremy Irons, Jorge Luis Borges, Keanu Reeves, Leonard Cohen, Luke Wilson, Michael Jackson, O Henry, Richard Gere, Roald Dahl, Sean Connery, Shania Twain, Stephen Fry, Stephen Jay Gould, Stephen King, and William Golding.

The Virgo element

The Virgo zodiac personality is directly associated with the zodiac element earth, which is characterized by sensuality, practicality, and fertility. Virgo is represented by the virgin maiden. It is ruled by the planet Mercury. The planet Mercury symbolizes the sharing of ideas, communication, and dexterity. When coupled with the other zodiac elements, the planet Mercury can indicate an indecisive and fickle-minded nature. But when combined with a Virgo’s earth element, the flighty qualities of Mercury are provided stability and a stunning attentiveness to detail.

Typical characteristics and personality traits of Virgo

The Virgo astrology sign is a passive or an introvert birth sign due to its negative polarity. Therefore, the Virgo zodiac traits are emotional detachment, deviousness, excessive tidiness, loyalty, and civility. Virgos are normally eloquent with words and the languages, have good manners, and are quite sensitive to criticism. Moreover, a typical Virgo has an incredible eye for detail and precision. The Virgo zodiac symbol also has an intense love for literature, history, and the arts. Since the Virgo zodiac personality denotes independence, Virgos are very reserved and are able to formulate decisions and to get things done all by themselves. Their weakness is usually how they respond to criticisms. Although they are inclined to take criticism negatively, they can certainly function and perform well even if there is no one to assist them in achieving their goals in life. Another weakness of a typical Virgo is a strong tendency to dwell in the past; this affects how a Virgo plans ahead for the future. In addition, a Virgo has an excellent memory and a very analytical mind. Because a Virgo generally takes time to analyze, then it usually looks as if the Virgo-born individual delays in formulating a decision. Since the mind of a Virgo is normally powerful, a well-thought decision is eventually remarkable in its design and execution.

Virgo and Health

The Virgo astrology sign is the zodiac sign which governs the hands, spleen, intestines, abdomen, nerves, and the central nervous system. Thus, the illnesses and diseases most likely encountered by a Virgo is cold, coughs, pneumonia, pleurisies, catarrh, and nervous instabilities. Worrying takes center stage in the nature of a Virgo. This anxious temperament leads to vulnerability to stomach and bowel problems like ulcers and colic. The male Virgo has trouble with his sexual organs. Both males and females of the Virgo astrology sign are very interested in exotic cuisine and experimental drugs. With exotic cuisines, it is good that a typical Virgo is quite hygienic and clean so that most health hazards are already avoided beforehand.

The Virgo as a Friend

Having a Virgo as a friend is very advantageous because a Virgo zodiac personality is a straight and organized thinker. A Virgo can certainly solve issues while following the rules of logic and reason. Moreover, a Virgo friend is very loyal and honest. Most Virgos usually seem very cold and emotionally disconnected so it is difficult to figure out exactly how they feel about the situation and what they think the solutions might be on any predicament. A Virgo is a natural worrier and a candid individual. As a friend, a typical Virgo will always seem controlling, but he or she is only after your well-being.

The Virgo as a Lover

Female Virgos appear quite cold and emotionally distant but they are strong, devoted, and very loyal to their partners. Virgos have a tendency to worry a lot and they are anxious to expose themselves in situations where they think they might get hurt. Thus, it will almost always look as if female Virgos are playing hard to get. In a way, they do. Their calculating and analytical nature results to a slow decision making because they weigh and consider almost everything. Patience and making a serious effort to impress a female Virgo is the key to her heart. In a relationship, the female Virgo is conservative and can be an ideal companion if you want order and a sense of harmony in your life. Male Virgos are very respectful and have an air of civility about them. They treat women like equals. A male Virgo is also emotionally distant, so a careful understanding and acceptance of his nature is needed to make a relationship with a male Virgo work. Getting extremely close and emotional will make him run away and will make him feel threatened. A male Virgo responds to and is impressed by a conventional woman. Impulsiveness or daring behavior are potential turn offs for him. A male Virgo zodiac personality may not be openly passionate but he will definitely be very loyal to his partner.

Virgo and Business

Since the Virgo zodiac traits are marked by high intelligence and excellent memory, then a typical Virgo will make a perfect investigator or a researcher. A Virgo’s remarkable analytical mind and rational thinking will also make him or her a very good problem solver. Moreover, since a Virgo certainly has the ability to probe into another person’s chain of thought, then a Virgo normally makes excellent detectives and interrogators.

The mythology of Virgo

In Greek mythology, the constellation of Virgo is associated with Astraea. Astraea, the winged goddess of innocence and the control and execution of law, abhorred the usual wars of men. She was said to be the last of the gods to depart from the earth to rise to the heavens. Zeus honored her by appointing her place in the stars as the constellation of Virgo. Astraea’s scales of justice represent the constellation Libra. 

Virgo Compatibility with other zodiac signs

Virgo compatibility with Aries

The Aries and Virgo zodiac traits exemplify honesty and candor. There is definitely an element of attraction in this pairing, but it is not expected to last. Aries-born individuals are resistant to criticism. A Virgo zodiac sign, on the other hand, is quick to criticize and to find fault. A typical Virgo has a tendency to nag which is not a good combination for the brash temperament of the Aries. When it comes to the handling of finances, an Aries is extravagant and loves heavy spending while a Virgo is stingy and practical. The Virgo zodiac compatibility with Aries will work if both parties make a conscious effort to tolerate each other. But cosmically speaking, Aries is not one of the compatible signs for Virgo.

Virgo compatibility with Leo

Virgo and Leo have an incompatible love match. A typical Virgo zodiac personality is reserved. A Leo, on the other hand, is proud, overbearing, and flamboyant. The Leo is almost always a show-off, and the Virgo constantly avoids the spotlight and prefers to stay at home. The Virgo will frequently nag at the Leo mate to minimize his or her ostentatious attitude. A male Virgo and a female Leo will enjoy a good relationship during the early stages of their relationship, but the female Leo will soon become too demanding and clingy for a male Virgo. A male Virgo astrology sign is characterized by being emotionally detached; he will certainly not respond accordingly to the emotional temperament of a female Leo. In turn, the female Leo will never be fulfilled because she will always seek for adoration. When the zodiac signs are reversed to that of a female Virgo and a male Leo, the relationship will have more chances of succeeding. If a female Virgo will manage to change a male Leo’s overbearing nature by her admonitions, then the relationship will definitely progress.

Virgo compatibility with Gemini

The Gemini and Virgo zodiac traits are characterized by practicality and intellectualism. Their primary compatibility will be in the intellectual level. Incompatibilities will come in when it comes to their repressed feelings. In order to maintain the harmony between the Gemini Virgo cusp, the Gemini must take time to teach the Virgo how to be passionate. In turn, the Virgo zodiac sign must insist on stability and encourage decisiveness upon the reckless nature of a typical Gemini. A male Virgo and a female Gemini communicate primarily on a non-emotional level and approach life on an intellectual and rational level. Their outlooks will vary though, eventually leading to heated discussions. A female Virgo is tactless and a male Gemini has a critical nature. To keep a Virgo astrology compatibility with a Gemini, the two parties must be honest and respectful of each other’s differences. In the case of a female Virgo and a male Gemini, he will be flirtatious and will constantly provoke her jealous nature. This will lead to her nagging which will then make him feel trapped in the relationship. For this pairing to succeed, the male Gemini must make an effort to minimize his flamboyant and flirtatious impulses and the female Virgo must lessen her criticisms of him.

Virgo compatibility with Cancer

Virgo and Cancer rate very high in the compatibility scale. They also complement each other in so many ways. Cancer is one of the best compatible signs for Virgo. The Cancer, symbolized by the Crab, is very sensitive and slow-moving when it comes to dealing with both emotional and practical issues. The normally analytical Virgo is similar to Cancer when it comes to decision-making. A typical Cancer is also prone to mood swings. The good thing is, most Virgos are strongly attracted to the affectionate and compassionate nature of Cancer. An enjoyable and lasting relationship, filled with a strong emotional attachment, is expected between a female Cancer and a male Virgo. Because a female Cancer is dependent and emotional, the prospect of a strong willed and an independent male Virgo will make her feel really secure and happy. When the signs are reversed, a female Virgo will show understanding and will be closely linked by love, trust, and devotion to her Cancer mate.

Virgo compatibility with Taurus

Taurus and Virgo have a very ideal compatibility. Both sun signs possess the common attitudes towards practicality and thriftiness. They will formulate methodical decisions, too. The pairing of the Taurus and a Virgo astrology sign will prosper since these two sun signs are loyal and very dedicated to each other. There are also many similarities that exist between the personalities of these two astrological signs; this is because the Taurus and the Virgo carry the element of earth which rules their overall temperament. What is interesting to note is that the weaknesses of one zodiac sign are complemented by the other sign. A male Virgo and a female Taurus is a perfect love match because her caring and nurturing nature will encourage his vigilant and commitment-driven temperament. A female Virgo and a male Taurus will also lead to a long lasting relationship and a happy marriage. She will always be nurtured by the doting behavior of Taurus, and he, in turn, will be persuaded by her constant devotion and faithfulness to him. The Virgo zodiac compatibility is at its best when paired with the Taurus sign.

Virgo compatibility with Libra

Libra and Virgo zodiac traits have the worst compatibility since these two birth signs will find it very hard to understand each other’s temperament. A typical Virgo does not socialize and will prefer to stay at home, while a Libra loves to mingle and to meet many new people. The only way to make this pairing work is to have both parties understand the clashing traits of their sun signs. A relationship between a male Virgo and a female Libra will not work because of his frequent admonition and pessimism towards her penchant to socialize. In a female Virgo to a male Libra compatibility, a poor love match is also expected. He will always yearn to be admired, and she cannot derive any feeling of security from him. Furthermore, he will also be emotional while she will be very practical. This strong incompatibility between two astrological signs usually results to having the pair hate one another in the end. Libra is definitely not one of the compatible signs for Virgo.

Virgo compatibility with Scorpio

The Virgo Scorpio compatibility cusp is quite well-known. These astrological signs possess different traits but they complement each other. They display commitment and devotion towards each other. The typical Virgo zodiac personality is cold and withdrawn. A Scorpio, on the other hand, is very secretive. If this aspect of the relationship is properly being worked on, then the relationship between a Scorpio and a Virgo will certainly last. A male Virgo and a female Scorpio will have a very high probability of ending up in a happy marriage. A Virgo is very intelligent, and a typical Scorpio is determined and strong. These two astrological signs will inspire each other to succeed. This pairing is a great love match, too. In the case of a female Virgo and a male Scorpio, an amazing relationship is also expected because she will constantly support him in all of his endeavors and will provide realistic and practical advice. The Virgo Scorpio compatibility is marked by a sense of devotion and long-term commitment to each other. Most importantly, a Virgo and a Taurus will understand each other’s quickly changing moods.

Virgo compatibility with Capricorn

The Virgo zodiac compatibility with Capricorn is a strong one because both signs display maturity, independence, and the ability to plan carefully. They are introvert signs and homeliness and domesticity is something that they find very enjoyable. A male Virgo and a female Capricorn will have both a wonderful physical and emotional chemistry. A male Virgo will make a security-loving female Capricorn feel very secure. In the case of a female Virgo and a male Capricorn, the Virgo astrology sign will stay very loyal and devoted to the male Capricorn who will then expectedly lavish her with material gifts. Virgo is one of the most compatible signs for Virgo. These two birth signs will definitely make an excellent love match.

Virgo compatibility with Sagittarius

The Virgo astrology compatibility with Sagittarius is average at best. Since Virgo-born individuals are quick to find fault and criticize, the whimsical-minded Sagittarius or the Archer will always be reprimanded by Virgo and feel irritated by it. A typical Sagittarius is too passionate and too immature for a practical, realistic, and emotionally detached Virgo. In order for this relationship to flourish, mutual understanding and forgiveness of each other’s failings must be done at all times. An introvert male Virgo will be put off by the flirtations of an extrovert female Sagittarius. Therefore, serious effort is required to understand each other’s nature. A female Virgo and a male Sagittarius will always clash against each other because her devoted nature will never work alongside his flirtatious behavior with the opposite sex.

Virgo compatibility with Aquarius

The Virgo Aquarius compatibility is quite strong on the intellectual level, but emotional bonding between these two astrological signs might be difficult. The typical Virgo will solve problems the analytical way. An Aquarius, on the other hand, will always do the opposite and may act in an irrational manner. This pairing has average compatibility, but the Virgo Aquarius compatibility is characterized by attempts to complement each other’s needs and failings. A male Virgo and a female Aquarius will have to make a very serious effort in order to make their relationship work. A male Virgo regularly worries but a female Aquarius remains optimistic no matter what the circumstances are. What is interesting to note is that both sun signs can inspire each other to achieve their goals in life. During the early stages of a relationship between a female Virgo and a male Aquarius, the attraction is quite strong. It wanes in time and will soon become unstable. A typical male Aquarius man will be too clingy, demanding, and dominating for a practical and reserved female Virgo.

Virgo compatibility with Pisces

The Virgo zodiac compatibility with Pisces is fairly average. In this astrological pairing, the Pisces will eventually become a burden to an independent-minded and analytical Virgo-born individual. Mutual respect coupled with tolerance of each other is the only ways to make this love match work. Since both sun signs can show tenderness, they will have a modicum of compatibility when it comes to fostering a strong emotional bond. A male Virgo is practical and shy; this attitude will not work with a female Pisces who will always yearn for romantic gestures and will always be frustrated because the male Virgo is never too emotional for that. A male Pisces who is a daydreamer and has a romanticized view of life will be frequently nagged at and criticized by the practical and realistic female Virgo. This love match between a Pisces and the Virgo astrology sign might work if both sides will work hard to tolerate each other.


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