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Pisces traits

There is nothing more pacifying that watching an aquarium full of fish absentmindedly swimming away.  It is indeed a very fascinating thing to watch fish that seem to have their own little world, and seem to be doing nothing at all to benefit its life or those around them.

That is what the Pisces Zodiac Sign is in a nutshell: they live staying in their own little make-believe world and are one of the most flighty of the signs of the horoscope, and while they might not be doing grand gestures and attention-grabbing actions as the other signs of zodiac, they make up for it by enriching their lives in subtle ways and making entirely sure that their lives and others around them are full of imagination and creativity.

The Pisces Zodiac Sign traits – The Fish

PISCES – Traditional traits

The Pisces Zodiac Sign is the twelfth sign of the zodiac astrology, which means that it can be viewed as either the complete and perfect combination of all the horoscope signs or the complete chaos of their combinations.  Surprisingly, Pisces is both, which is true and made apparent by their overly adaptable and placating nature brought about by being dominated by the water element.

POSITIVE TRAITS – the zodiac astrology considers Pisces as one of the most compassionate and adaptable of all the signs of the horoscope, and they are also complete masters of interpersonal relationship (inner relationship or spiritual relationship with oneself)

  • Adaptable.  They can be very adaptable individuals, in that they can instantly blend in on any environment and will make sure that they stay completely patient and bide their time to let their presence known.
  • Accepting.  Pisces is well known for being very patient and understanding.  Their patience and understanding will indeed have their boundaries, especially if their partners and the people they interact with value social interaction more that personal and spiritual interaction
  • Imaginative.  The Pisces Zodiac Sign is known to be one of the most imaginative and creative signs, literally creating world of their own through imagination and creativity.

NEGATIVE TRAITS – Unfortunately, fishes are known to be quite flighty and are viewed upon as very lazy.  To the untrained eye, they may seem to do nothing more than just aimlessly swim.  While most of the time this might be true, Pisces tends to use this alone time to gain deeper understanding with themselves and their creative nature.

  • Indecisive.  Their minds are hardwired for day dreaming and creativity, which means that they give much less value to realities and factual happenings, which also means that they really do not care what happens to the world around them.  When faced with life-altering situations and decisions, they will definitely falter and second-guess themselves in more ways than one
  • Lazy.  They tend to be very indifferent, and they do not want to be involved in major life altering decisions that might affect their lives and change the way they interact with themselves.  This is probably brought about by their very indecisive nature, which affects the way they view life and everything around them.
  • Escapist and Flighty.  Out of all the signs of the horoscope, Pisces is considered to be the most flighty, especially from all sorts of adventure, travelling and other social interactions.

PISCES – Dominated by the Water Element and Governed by Neptune

The Pisces Zodiac Sign has is dominated by two completely related and harmonious elements: Water for element and Neptune for ruling planet.  Neptune is the “god of the sea”, and the relationship to water does not need to be pointed out.  The zodiac signs that are dominated by the water element are completely adaptable to outside elements, and are also known to be quite moody, but extremely passionate.

Pisces Compatibility with other signs

The Pisces Zodiac Sign is a completely adaptable and conformist sign thanks to its water element, but that does not mean that it can adapt and be harmonious with all the horoscope signs.  Generally speaking, the horoscopes associated with Fire and Air (Aries, Gemini and Leo for Fire and Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius for Air) will have a hard time getting along with the most adaptable sign of the horoscope, while all of the Water and Earth dominated signs (Taurus and Capricorn for Earth and Cancer with Scorpio for Water) will value and appreciate the submissive and imaginative nature of the fish sign.  The zodiac signs Virgo and Pisces are complete opposites, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot find ways to get along with each other.


Because the Pisces Zodiac Sign is unmistakably a water element, it is not such a surprise that the relationship can go either way when it comes to dealing with its own zodiac.  The horoscope signs dominated by water and earth are also generally compatible with each other, so a Pisces can definitely get along with a Virgo and vice versa.

PISCES compatibility with Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

COMPATIBILITY – Variable / Middle Ground

The Pisces Zodiac Sign is known to be one of the most creative and imaginative signs of the zodiac signs, which means they tend to day dream a lot compared to other individuals.  This type of relationship can really reach places artistically and creatively, and they can spend a lot of time living in their own make believe world and would be very glad that they have found someone that can understand.  They both know what to do with their talents, and would probably reach fame and fortune in no time especially if they work together.  Unfortunately, when it comes to finances they will most probably struggle, especially when it comes to reality based decisions and practicality.  The relationship can also struggle when it comes to decision making, because the horoscope zodiac sign of Pisces is indeed very flighty when it comes to reality-based decisions.  But bear in mind that when push comes to shove, Pisces will definitely take care of its own especially when the going gets tough.


Opposites attract, and that phrase applies to everything, even the signs of zodiac.  While most signs that are opposite each other can either be harmonious or inharmonious in nature, the opposite sign of Pisces takes a whole different approach when it comes to polar opposite relationships.

PISCES compatibility with Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

COMPATIBILITY – Variable / Opposite

At first glance, these two signs of zodiac do not have anything in common, and that is entirely true.  Everything about them are complete opposites: the Pisces Zodiac Sign values creativeness and imagination above all else whereas a Virgo worships precision and reality; Pisces always wants to use their imagination to explain how the world works, while a Virgo will rely on their immense intellect and logic to explain why things are; and Pisces can retreat to their own little world of make believe, while a Virgo will try their best to make sure that the world they live in is believable.  The good thing about this relationship is that they complement each other in really different ways that it really works.  They are attracted to each other’s need for imagination and realism, and they can balance each other out and create a really harmonious and productive relationship; Virgo can explain the necessities of precision and logic, while Pisces can help the Virgo put more imagination and heart to his or her work.  Together, they can definitely create beautiful and imaginative things that will be practical and realistic thanks to each other’s strengths and weakness.


The Water element of the Pisces Zodiac Sign is definitely compatible with the other Water and Earth dominated signs of the zodiac astrology.  They are generally agreeable with the traits and temperaments of Pisces, and will definitely benefit the giving and imaginative nature of the horoscope sign:

PISCES compatibility with Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

COMPATIBILITY – Compatible / Harmonious

It is a well established fact that the Pisces Zodiac Sign can definitely make a relationship with an earth dominated element work, and Taurus is a very reliable earth element at that.  The realistic and practical nature of a Taurus will definitely be a welcome change of pace to the everyday dreaming routine of a Pisces.  While a Pisces might consider the need for Taurus to be worried about material things such as money, he or she will definitely appreciate the care and affection that will be given to them in return by the very compassionate bull.  The horoscope signs of Taurus and Pisces will definitely complement each other in terms of reciprocation of love and affection, because they both enjoy giving out as much as they are receiving, and the relationship can definitely turn out to be full of passion because of this.  Not only that, but the protectiveness of a Taurus will kick into gear one a Pisces is in need, and this will definitely make a Pisces feel very protected and needed.

PISCES compatibility with Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

COMPATIBILITY – Compatible / Harmonious

Both of these signs of zodiac will definitely hit it off when it comes to talks of compassion and feelings, because they are both water signs and they are both dominated by feelings.  The moody nature of the crab will not matter, because a Pisces will make sure that Cancer is very well taken care of and looked after.  Pisces will also complement the patience of a Cancer, as well as the need of Cancer to be overprotective and obsessed with contact.  Pisces will also be delighted with a Cancer’s enthusiasm for daydreaming, and their relationship can definitely be full of creativeness and imagination.  The Pisces Zodiac Sign also has a very strong urge to neglect savings and investment and will literally choose to live in the moment, which will them be balanced by Cancer’s knowledge and obsession to savings, investment and financial future.

PISCES compatibility with Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

COMPATIBILITY – Compatible / Harmonious

The horoscopes of Pisces and Scorpio will certainly meet eye to eye when it comes to who dominates in the relationship, because a Scorpio will definitely want the top spot, while the Pisces won’t care as long as they are well taken care of.  Pisces is generally submissive, and that will drive the Scorpio insanely happy and ecstatic and will completely make them feel instantly secure with the relationship.  Scorpio can also fulfill all of the wildest and most imaginative dreams of a Pisces, because there is nothing a Scorpio wouldn’t do to make a Pisces feel protected and loved.  The Pisces Zodiac Sign will also appreciate the Scorpio’s understanding of his or her deepest and most kept feelings, especially since the Scorpio is very sensitive to these kinds of things.

PISCES compatibility with Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

COMPATIBILITY – Compatible / Harmonious

The zodiac astrology appoints a Capricorn to be the most secure and safe-conscious of all the signs of the horoscope, which makes them the perfect match for a security-loving Pisces.  This relationship will be more of a “give and take” situation: they give each other’s deepest wants and needs and they both benefit from it.  Competition will never be an issue to the Pisces Zodiac Sign, which is a fact that will be celebrated by a Capricorn.  Career-wise, a Pisces will never understand the need to acquire material things and security, but they will still definitely appreciate the security and stability that a Capricorn provides.  The management capabilities and excellent organizational skills of a Capricorn will be able to provide a safe-haven to a Pisces, who loves nothing more than to forget all of the reality-based situations that life throws at them.


The zodiac signs that are mostly incompatible and inharmonious to the Pisces Zodiac Sign are mostly dominated by Fire and Air based elements, which will be no surprise if the Synastry side of the horoscope is concerned.

PISCES compatibility with Aries (March 21 – April 20)

COMPATIBILITY –Incompatible / Inharmonious

If you base the zodiac astrology relationships from their dominating elements alone, then you would conclude that a Fire dominated sign will never get along with a Water-based sign.  Such is the plight of Aries (Fire) and Pisces (Water).  If you look at it symbolically, water can completely snuff out fire, similar to how a Pisces can completely placate an action-oriented Aries.  While a Pisces can be patient to a generally rude and aggressive Aries, the ram will be completely bewildered with the very slow and day dreaming ways of the Pisces Zodiac Sign.  The very active world of an Aries will be completely alien to a highly peaceful Pisces, which tends to slow things down to a more manageable situation.  A relationship between the two will be something like a boxing match: one will defend while the other will attack.  Aries will never have the patience to understand why a Pisces needs to stand around and live in their own little world while the literal world around them is constantly changing all the time.

PISCES compatibility with Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

COMPATIBILITY –Incompatible / Inharmonious

The horoscope sign of Gemini will find it really hard to deal with the needs of a Pisces for emotional and spiritual space, and at the same time the Pisces will find it extremely frustrating for them to deal with a Gemini’s need for adventure and new things.  Basically, these two signs of zodiac want the same thing but in entirely different packages, which may lead to a lot of confusion and frustration when it comes to who gets who in their relationship. It is a really good thing that they want to celebrate and applaud the idea of others, but this might result in them alienating each other’s need for attention.  A Gemini can also be too flirtatious for an individual with a Pisces Zodiac Sign, especially since a Pisces can get very possessive when the situation calls for it.  The indecisiveness of a Pisces can also turn-off a Gemini, because all they want to do is spread their wings and look for adventure while a Pisces’ main goal is to sit around and feel comfortable without making any decisions in life.

PISCES compatibility with Leo (July 23 – August 22)

COMPATIBILITY –Incompatible / Inharmonious

Based from the different findings from the zodiac astrology studies, Leo is the most attention-grabbing sing out there, which is a total opposite from a Pisces need to stay elusive and abhors the spotlight as much as they can.  All a Pisces wants to do is to blend in and adapt, while a Leo thrives for the center of attention.  Both are very creative signs, but they use their creativity for very different purposes: one uses creativity to grab everyone’s attention and gain a lot of praise; while the other uses creativity inwardly and makes sure that they stay out of the radar of most people.

PISCES compatibility with Libra (September 23 – October 22)

COMPATIBILITY –Incompatible / Inharmonious

The thing about Libra that the Pisces will never be able to understand is that they are creatures of balance, and that is the main reason why the Libra can get so frustrated with the need of Pisces to spend too much time alone or by themselves.  They can definitely find a common ground when it comes to the arts, because the Libra is a very huge fan of the arts while a Pisces can definitely appreciate the creativity involved in such practices.  Unfortunately, that is where the similarity and the agreeability of the zodiac signs end; because once the topic and interaction veers toward socialization, then the Pisces will completely shy away while the Libra will make sure to inhale all of the wonderful social interaction.  Libra is also really free spirited, and the way they sustain their interest in the arts and feed their intellect is by interaction with nature and travelling, while a Pisces will turn inward and concentrate on intrapersonal interaction to enrich his or her creative nature.

PISCES compatibility with Sagittarius (November 22 – December 1)

COMPATIBILITY –Incompatible / Inharmonious

Two of the zodiac signs that are known for their flighty nature will probably find a lot of things in common with each other.  They are both evasive in nature, but that doesn’t mean that they want the same things.  Sagittarius is flighty in the sense that they love to travel a lot, which can perplex a Pisces with their constant need to be stable and alone, away from any type of social interaction.  The Pisces Zodiac Sign is also known to be a very indecisive sign, which the Sagittarius will never appreciate because they want decisions made immediately especially when travelling and adventure hunting is concerned.  Sagittarius can also be very optimistic and confident, and will never appreciate the tendencies of a Pisces to be indecisive, insecure and a complete worry-wart.

PISCES compatibility with Aquarius (January 20 – February 19)

COMPATIBILITY –Incompatible / Inharmonious

While the Pisces Zodiac Sign can be really patient when it comes to their relationship partners, their patience will definitely be tested when they try to work it out with a really stubborn Aquarius.  Being notorious for being the most absent-minded and mysterious of all the zodiac astrology signs, Aquarius can prove to be quite a challenge to a Pisces.  At first, the aura of mystery that surrounds an Aquarian will definitely draw in a Pisces, and they will probably hit it off at the beginning.  The advanced ideas and intellect of the Aquarius will definitely keep the Pisces hooked, but it will become apparent that like Pisces, Aquarius needs space and time to manifest their true potential, which will create roughness in the relationship.


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