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Capricorn traits

Being a shy and introverted person is not a really bad thing to be, especially if the main reason for your shyness is not lack of self-esteem but rather a choice to be self-conscious, self-sustaining and self-sufficient.

Capricorn sign traits

Being very serious and practical can also be the case, and most of the time these type of individuals do not need to socialize in order to feel needed.  A goat is definitely one of those creatures that might seem to be loners at heart, but they are indeed loners for a reason.  They do not need any help to be able to be useful, and they are generally viewed as being hard and stern most of the time.  The horoscope zodiac sign of Capricorn is well known for being very hardworking and stern individuals who are masters of intrapersonal relationships with themselves and do not require much interaction with other individuals, not because they abhor physical and social interaction, but because they realize that they need to work alone by themselves in order to get more work done.

CAPRICORN – The Sea-Goat

Capricorn, out of all the signs of zodiac, is mainly thought of as a serious sign.  The horoscopes for Capricorn make it sound like the sign is extremely introverted and stern, as well as independent and unemotional.  Because the horoscope zodiac sign of the sea-goat pegs it as being serious and introverted, it is mostly misunderstood as lacking severe emotions and warmth, but that is far from the truth.  Capricorns are just very responsible and goal oriented individuals who want nothing more than to succeed in the goals that they have set for themselves.  They are masters of developing intrapersonal relationships with themselves, and the only reason why they are emotionless is because they continue to set their sights on the goals that they desire to reach.

Actually, the name itself is derived from the word “capricious”, meaning that they have severe mood swings, which is probably why they prefer to work alone or by themselves at first.  You will not be able to sway Capricorns to your opinions or will once they put their minds on something, and if you do try prepare to be bombarded by their severe mood swings.  They might be whimsical and impulsive in nature, but their severe goal-setting and organization skills will definitely help them to reach the top, no matter how slow their progression is.

CAPRICORN – The qualities of the goat sign

They are hard working.  Just like the goat, Capricorns tend to be extremely hard-working individuals.  They are very good workers to hire and they are extremely committed to a goal once they set their minds to it.  They are also very good followers, and they tend to do things slowly but surely.  All of their success will surely be well-deserved because of all of their hard-work.  They can also reach a very high rank when it comes to their career or jobs because of their serious commitment, and while they tend to be really good followers when they are mere employees, they tend to be extremely hard-headed and practical when they sit at the top of the food chain.

They are practical.  Out of all the zodiac signs, Capricorns tend to be the most practical of the bunch.  Not only are they level headed and introverts, but they are also extreme haters of over-extravagance and wasted resources.  Because they frequently to work by themselves, they tend to notice more things that need to be streamlined.  It doesn’t help their case that they are also very conscious about the spending of their resources, that’s why they tend to be very good financial planners and advisers.

They are capricious.  Capricorn actually comes from the term “capricious”, meaning that their moods tend to swing, a LOT.  Because they are loners and are extremely silent most of the time, it will be very hard for any individual to read what they are thinking or feeling at the moment.  Most of the time, other people trying to read what Capricorns are feeling tend to reach the conclusion that they are generally “emotionless” and hard individuals, which is mostly far from the truth.

They are goal-oriented.  Because of their hard-working and practical nature, Capricorns tend to be very goal oriented.  Their practicality and hard-working nature allows them to reach most of their goals because of this.  They tend to be very interested in a lot of things, and they also want to work hard on the goals that they set for themselves.  Every goal that they try to reach consumes them in their entirety and that is one of the main reasons why they tend to work alone and are mistaken for very boring individuals.

They are loners.  Goats tend to graze by themselves, and they tend to shy away from any kind of interaction because they are mostly mountain dwellers devoid from any kind of interaction aside from their fellow species.  The perfect combination of being introverts and hard-workers make them the best individuals to reach their set goals.  They are also practical and shy away from any kind of extra-curricular expense which explains why they want to be by themselves a lot.  They also seem pretty boring, but most of the time their internal struggles and intrapersonal nature just makes it look like so.


The horoscope zodiac sign of Capricorn is known to be dominated by the element Earth, which generally explains their introvert nature.  They are generally known to be compatible with the other Earth signs of zodiac, but unlike the other signs, they tend to be more secretive especially when it comes to their feelings, which gives others the impression that they are extremely emotionless.

CAPRICORN – Governed by Saturn

Capricorn is known to be governed by the planet Saturn, which is generally opposed to the symbol of Jupiter.  Rigidity and being cold usually defines what getting ruled by the planet Saturn means, and generally being hard and stiff is what a Capricorn is all about.

General Qualities of a Capricorn man and Woman

It might come as a complete surprise to most of us, but there are very minor differences when it comes to the behaviors that a Capricorn man and woman have.  Generally speaking, both of them share the same qualities which are hard-working and practical as well as being goal oriented, but there are some unique twists.

A CAPRICORN MAN can be a bit harsh and ambitious.  The reason why he might be harsh is that they tend to be extremely goal-oriented, and they really give little though to what other people think about them as long as they reach their goals.  He can be really stiff and serious, but that doesn’t mean that he does not care about his personal and family life.  The only reason why a Capricorn man is considered rude is because they tend to cover their sensitivity and emotions with rudeness, completely shielding their emotions so that they can be left alone to their thoughts.  They tend to be very reliable, and because of this it tends to take time before they trust someone to be reliable to them.  They might have some trust issues on the surface, but this is only a means for them to be assured of the person they are going to work with so that a harmonious balance can be met.

A CAPRICORN WOMAN can be the most arrogant and career-driven women out of all the astrological signs of the zodiac.  Men who do not have goals and dreams rarely interest them, and they tend to live their life with a purpose, which generally scares the heck out of most men.  They also carry themselves with this unmistakable charm and nobleness, similar to when a goat can carry this silent charm even though they tend to be alone.

Capricorn compatibility with other signs

Based on the Synastry side of the astrological signs of the zodiac, the highest compatible signs for the Capricorn are its fellow earth signs which are Taurus and Virgo.  Being of the earth element, they also tend to work well with the water elements of Scorpio and Pisces.  The other signs of zodiac which are dominated by fire and air tend to disagree with Capricorns.  Also, it considers its own sign variably compatible to itself, which tend to be a rare case in most compatibility charts as they can either be compatible or incompatible.

CAPRICORN compatibility with Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)


The primary good thing about a Capricorn and Capricorn relationship is that they tend to respect the whims, interests and ambitions of each other, and at the same time they value each other’s need for personal and emotional space.  They are very good when it comes to money matters, and they have no trouble communicating their dreams to someone who does not need any additional information.  Because of their need for emotional space, they try to stay away from each other as often as possible until the time comes for them to personally interact with each other.  They both have practical traits; which means that their resources will never run dry because of extravagance and over-spending.  They can be a very good match especially if they can find a way to get rid of their mood swings.

The main issue with this relationship is that the relationship can become really serious, and has can be very boring because of that.  They also tend to work more on their careers more that they work on themselves and their relationship to each other.  They are both too practical and realistic, which can become a problem because some relationships die a certain and natural death due to lack of imagination and creativeness.  Also, the lack of communication will be a definite problem in this relationship; out of all of the horoscope signs, Capricorns tend to be the most emotionally detached, and while both Capricorns might tend to stay away from each other when they are facing emotional trials, the lack of trying to communicate will definitely affect their long-term relationship.


Capricorn is generally known to be compatible with the Earth signs of Virgo and Taurus as well as the horoscopes of Scorpio and Pisces, which are Water element signs.

CAPRICORN compatibility with Taurus (April 21 – May 20)


The winning formula of these two signs of the horoscope is that they are seeing each trait as a perfect fit for their own.  Taurus tends to be family oriented, which the Capricorn is very much in agreement with.  Patience is also a virtue that will not easily run out of this relationship, because both of the signs value this trait above all else.  They also value money, and with both of their practical natures, they tend to be financially successful both as individuals and as partners.  The Taurean also needs security and stability, which the Capricorns tend to have mastered giving.

CAPRICORN compatibility with Virgo (August 23 – September 22)


When it comes to career and responsibility, nothing can match the tandem of the zodiac signs Capricorn and Virgo, because they tend to be very ambitious and hard-working individuals.  The practical, methodical and systematic approach of a Virgo can definitely satisfy the goal-oriented ego of a Capricorn, and at the same time their practicality when it comes to resources will definitely play off each other.  Virgo also tends to bring creativity into the relationship, which can definitely help the realistic views of the Capricorn to be shattered and enhanced.

CAPRICORN compatibility with Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)


They are both strong-willed, and they both tend to need each just shown through different ways.  The possessiveness of the Scorpio is just what a Capricorn needs to feel wanted and secure, and their sense of creativeness and imagination is what will fuel a Capricorn to strive harder in their career and finances.  Both of these signs also tend to be very arrogant and ambitious, which weirdly works out for both of them as they tend to understand each other’s kinks and need for personal space when it comes to career.

CAPRICORN compatibility with Pisces (February 20 – March 20)


The general sensitiveness of a Piscean will be the only issue when it comes to a relationship with Capricorn, but other than that, they seem to get along quite nicely.  The competitiveness of Capricorns when it comes to career will not be a bother to the Piscean, because they are known to be a very dependent and quiet sign.  The need for safety and security of Pisces will definitely be met by the aura of complete safety and security that a Capricorn offers.  Capricorn will also be surprised at the imagination and creativeness of the Pisces, especially since most of the time they are always right on their predictions, which tend to clash with your realistic views and opinions.


The astrological signs of the zodiac which tend to prove incompatible with Capricorn are mostly dominated by the Fire signs and Air signs of Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius:

CAPRICORN compatibility with Aquarius (January 20 – February 19)

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible

The horoscope assigns people born under the sign of Aquarius to be generally free-loving individuals who hate to be tied down.  They are also travel and adventure loving individuals to a huge degree, and mostly free-spenders.  These are all of the qualities that every Capricorn hates, which is rolled up in one complete package.  Capricorns also tend to settle with a very secure and safe job, but an Aquarian will go through as many jobs as possible in search of the right fit and challenge for his or her professional career, which will definitely cause a Capricorn to panic.

CAPRICORN compatibility with Aries (March 21 – April 20)

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible

Aries is the riskiest individual of all the signs of zodiac.  The restlessness and the fiery attitude of an Arian will definitely scare a Capricorn, who longs for security and stability.  Aries is also notorious for being free-spenders and lack restraint when it comes to finances.  Their impulsiveness also turns-off the Capricorns.  They also need to dominate each other, which will go completely wrong especially when they try to apply this at the same time to each other.

CAPRICORN compatibility with Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible

Gemini is known to be a very flirtatious and easy-going sign, but not necessarily unfaithful.  But these traits will definitely make the Capricorn very uncomfortable, especially since a Capricorn cannot handle any emotional extravagance and the need for excitement of the Gemini.  This relationship can work for all of the wrong reasons, because while the Capricorns slave away their time to their work and careers, their Gemini partners might see this as a sign to go out and party.

CAPRICORN compatibility with Leo (July 23 – August 22)


The zodiac signs of Leo and Capricorn can be at complete odds with each other when it comes to the way they live their life.  Capricorns tend to be practical and grounded, while Leo always try to live their life to the fullest.  Because of the emotional unresponsiveness of a Capricorn, a Leo will most of the time feel completely unloved and underappreciated.

CAPRICORN compatibility with Libra (September 23 – October 22)

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible

Being introverts, Capricorn will never fully appreciate the need for a Libra to be everyone’s center of attention.  The carefree and lazy methods of a Libra to get what they want will also leave a bad taste in the mouth for the Capricorn, which will result in various disagreements about priorities in career and work.  Self-indulgence is also a trait of a Libran, which will definitely be frowned upon by the Capricorn, who generally goes a day without giving into their personal needs and whims.

CAPRICORN compatibility with Sagittarius (November 22 – December 1)

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible

The Sagittarius will feel irritated with the stiffness and the lack of adventure of an individual born under Capricorn.  The need for security and the general necessity to follow the rules will be such a jarring concept to the Sagittarian that a Capricorn might respond with their own surprise for the need of adventure and rule-breaking.  This might not be the best of the zodiac signs to match up, especially since the conservative and cautious nature of a Capricorn will definitely be viewed as restrictive by a Sagittarius.


The world is not made up of pure black and white; there is also a middle ground or a “gray” area in which everything can be swayed to either side.  The horoscope signs are no different; although there are systems being followed to determine “clear cut” compatibilities within the signs from highly compatible to downright incompatible, there will always be a sign or two which can be swayed either way.  Such is the flexibility of the zodiac signs.  In the case of the Sea-goat sign Capricorn, the two signs that are deemed variable or that fall in that “gray” area is Cancer.

CAPRICORN compatibility with Cancer (June 21 – July 22)


Because the two signs are in direct opposite to each other based on the horoscope zodiac sign chart (Cancer is born 6 months from a Capricorn), Cancer may well be considered the polar opposite of the Sea-goat sign.  Just because Cancer is the opposite doesn’t mean that they are in complete odds with one another, because both signs consider each other as “variable signs”, meaning that they can either be perfect for each other or they can be complete mismatches.  The good thing about this relationship is that they are both very good when dealing with money, although in very different ways.  When it comes to professionalism, they do reach the same goals most of the time, but while Cancerians tend to reach their goals with the help of other people or their chosen team, Capricorns tend to fulfill their dreams by their own efforts.  Because they try to work much harder to be able to achieve their goals by themselves, they tend to leave out any personal interaction with a Cancer mate, thereby leaving the Cancer wanting.  Cancer will definitely understand the need for individualism that a Capricorn requires, but there will certainly be a breaking point, especially since out of all the horoscope signs a Capricorn is the coldest and emotionless.  Too much interest may also be the problem of a Capricorn when it comes to a relationship with a Cancer, but this may be offset with the fact that Capricorn can be really loyal and faithful.  Cancer might also find the Sea-goat sign boring, especially since Capricorns tend to do stuff on their own, and because of their many interests they tend to go out by themselves a lot.  Cancer can also be extravagant and wasteful when it comes to resources, which the Capricorns tend to find offensive.


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