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Libra profile information and traits

Libra Horoscope

Libra signThe Libra zodiac sign are those born from September 23 and October 22.  Those who are born between those dates have the following Libra characteristics:

  • Diplomatic
  • Graceful
  • Peaceful
  • Idealistic
  • Hospitable

Of course, being a Libra can have some drawbacks.  Some of the drawbacks of being a Libra are:

  • Superficial
  • Vain
  • Indecisive
  • Unreliable
  • Lazy

Libra and Independence:

Libras do not like being alone and will often find themselves in crowded situations without even planning it.  They are all about the group activities because of their laziness, and like to gain all the benefits of individual effort, with as little effort as they need to put into it.  They do this by pushing the work onto other people through their kindness, intelligence, and cunning.  Libra are truly lazy, and if they can get someone else to do their work, they will.

Libra and Friendship:

While they lack the leadership and enthusiasm other social signs have, such as Gemini or Aquarius, they are known to still enjoy adventure and excitement.  They like to see things that are new and make new friends in the process.  They are very friendly and can easily make friends due to their hospitable nature, and since they are drawn toward groups, they find themselves making friends regularly and easily.  Everybody loves a Libra; the Libra is the one that holds people together and keeps the peace within a group of friends.  This is due to their idealistic diplomatic nature.  They are always trying to settle things in the best possible way and put everyone’s interest to heart.

Libra and Business/Money:

Being the lazy people they are, Libras really do not like manual labor or working on something after the working hours are over.  However, they are smart people and come up with great business ideas in order to draw in the money.  They basically try to make as much as they can, putting in as little effort as they can.  In a small group, Libras will make excellent leaders due to their ability to hold the group together, but their laziness and unreliability makes it so they will never get into a high position of power in their career, unless they were put there through connections other than hard work.  Libras are creative and find that their passions often lie in the arts, whether it be as a decorator or a painter.

Libra and Temperament:

Libras are often underachievers that do not follow their guts and often get stuck doing something under qualified, however, they will always do what they love to do. This is mostly due to their lack of ambition; they are unable to find anything important enough to them that they would have to work hard for it, which people often consider as being lazy.  However, Libras are known to be just people and will go out of their way to seek justice, whether it be for a friend that was pushed in the hall or a man that stole some guy’s wallet.  This is the Libra’s way of earning respect, and in these moments are when Libras truly shine.

Libra on the Inside:

Libras generally hide their true feelings from everyone else because they are very easygoing and do not want to deal with any drama in their life.  Because they like to go with the flow, people often think Libras are indecisive and cannot make up their mind, but Libras always know what they want, but rarely share it with the group.  This go with the flow attitude is another reason why Libras have a hard time finding their own identity.  They are always seeking to help their friends and family that they never really have time to ask for help in their own lives.  Over time, they start to forget what it is that they really do want, and end up just keeping quiet altogether, never speaking their mind at all.  However, while this fear of speaking their mind is typically harmless, if they bottle up enough of their desire, the fear and the desire will create turmoil in their life and the Libra will find themselves being upset and bringing everyone down with them.  Libras can be really emotional and need people to notice when they aren’t letting their feelings out.

Libra Summarized:

Of all the Zodiacs, Libras are the most diplomatic.  They are always trying to bring about peace to a group of people, and will generally find the best possible solution for everyone.  This is due to their nature of wanting to find balance in their own lives; any form of chaos really throws them off and is not welcome in their life.  They are generally easygoing and will do whatever they can to help, but they require a lot of attention from their friends, otherwise they will hold onto all these feelings until they just explode into a frenzy of depression, hurting their close friends and family.

Libra and Romance

Libras are the simplest of the Zodiacs to charm, due to their easygoing nature, and will fall for any form of flattery and adoration.  If you talk them up, they will love it and return the favor.  They love talking about themselves with their significant other; because that is something they save for people they are close to, so if you really want to know someone who is a secret to everyone else, a Libra is right for you.  When making love, a Libra is very creative and makes the sex seem unreal.  They show passion and loving in the way they touch you, making them ever more so enticing.  A Libra is not a one night stand, they are classy lovers that require the appropriate mood in order to enchant.

Dating a Libra Woman:

Libra woman are very charming and know how to seduce a man.  In order to win her over, you must show her that you are a classy man that is worth dating.  Libras feel at ease when they are in nice, classy places.  If you keep talking her up, complimenting her and adoring her like she is the only woman in the world, she will love it and fall for you easily.  She loves to feel needed and appreciated and will take everything you are willing to give her.  However, you have to be careful not to show too much love.  At some point, she will start to feel suffocated and need some time off.  Do not worry, she still loves you, she is just too lazy to show it and it is in their nature to act this way.

Dating a Libra Man:

Libra men are also charming and like to bring harmony to the relationship.  When they find someone they really like, they will talk about themselves a lot, because they finally feel like they have someone to talk to.  A Libra man is willing to date often, because he is always on the lookout for the perfect woman, however his idea of the perfect woman is one he will unlikely ever find.  He will keep seeing flaws in women and find it difficult to settle down with any one of them.  If you really want to win a Libra man over, you need to admire him and compliment him a lot, in order to build up his confidence.  If you always flatter him without picking at his flaws, such as his inability to choose a restaurant, he will fall for you in no time.  A Libra man is very willing to let him woman take control of the relationship, and is perfect for any woman who feels the need to point the relationship in a certain direction.