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Scorpio profile information and traits

Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio signThe Scorpio star sign is the 8th sign of the zodiac circle. Scorpio is considered to be the sign of success. The zodiac element for this sign is water. The key life phrase for Scorpios is “I will.” Water sign symbolizes emotional in nature. Scorpios are often mysterious and adventurous by nature. They show great strength and are extroverts. Out of all the zodiac signs, Scorpio is the most erotic sign. Some famous Scorpios include Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts, Hilary Clinton and Bill Gates.

Scorpio Personality

One of the most admirable qualities in a Scorpio is loyalty; they are trustworthy and will not betray you.  Scorpios are also headstrong and will do anything they set their mind to.  Scorpios are domineering and are often considered leaders. They are the ones that everyone gravitates towards due to their magnetic personality. Scorpios are charming, intelligent and captivating.  Some of their other prominent character traits include devotion, passion, ingenuity, vigilance, and energetic.


Scorpios enjoy entertaining people and being the center of attention.  This can make certain others jealous of their attention.  They have many acquaintances but only few close friends.  However, the few close friends they have, they are extremely loyal to.  They will go the extra mile to make sure their friends are not bored. They enjoy arranging events and activities where their friends can hang out and have fun. They are not ones to sit at home and watch TV or spend the night alone.  They want to live life to the fullest and want to bring their closest friends along for the ride.  Most of their lasting friendships are with people that are born within the same days and those born between June and July and from mid-February to late March.


Scorpios are often known for being the determined and smart. They have the personality of an achiever, always wanting to do well in life. They are intelligent, which makes them successful in any career they choose. When it comes to a career, a Scorpio needs a job that is challenging. They get bored easily when they feel like their career is not exciting or challenging enough.  But when they do find that job they love, they will wholly dedicate themselves to it.

To a Scorpio, money means a sense of control and security. But Scorpios are not lavish spenders.  Instead of spending money on unnecessary and lavish things, they prefer to hold on to a majority of their money and think before spending.  This sense of fiscal responsibility makes them ideal for positions involving financial responsibility.

In terms of their interaction in the workplace, they enjoy interacting with their colleagues and often talk about how their company can increase in profits. Scorpios are great leaders that know how to encourage others to work harder.  Scorpios like to think out of the box and use their creativity to increase company profits.  They are great at creating, solving and managing. They enjoy debating and investigating. Some careers that fit a Scorpio include doctor, investigator, police officer, scientist, business manager and psychologist.  As Scorpios are great persuaders, they also excel in occupations involving communication, politics and marketing.

Dating a Scorpio Man

Be prepared to be swept off your feet when you are dating a Scorpio man. Love is all or nothing when it comes to a Scorpio. A Scorpio man will spoil you and go above and beyond wining and dining you, and lavishing you with gifts. Scorpios like to dominate in relationships and are very passionate lovers.

Scorpio men take their love life seriously and expect their partners to feel the same way. Scorpios are perceptive by nature. They can spot superficiality so they can usually tell if a woman is not in it for real love. So when you meet a Scorpio, it is best to be honest with him about who you are and what you are feeling.  Relationships with a Scorpio man can be a fantastic experience if you feel the same intense love that he feels.

A Scorpio man’s world is mostly black and white, with only little shades of gray. If the relationship ends with a Scorpio man, do not expect to be friends with him. Once a Scorpio man leaves, do not expect to see him again. They are mostly compatible with their own zodiac sign in addition to Pisces and Cancer. They are least compatible with Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo.

Dating a Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women are intense by nature. They are emotional and passionate, both in loving and hating. She will put everything into her relationship and desires the man to do the same thing. That is why dating a Scorpio woman will be one of the most passionate relationships you have ever had. For Scorpios, physical intimacy is an important part in a relationship.  Physical passion in a relationship with a Scorpio will be wild and fun and can lead to great sex in the bedroom. Since Scorpios tend to take love seriously, do not expect the Scorpio woman to just be someone to casually date.  She is in it for the long haul—so do not waste her time if you are just looking for someone to have a fling with.  If you do date a Scorpio and don’t take the relationship seriously, chances are that relationship will not end well.

Although Scorpios can sometimes be seen as possessive, they are not.  It is just when they love someone, they tend to hold on to them very tightly and are willing to do anything to make their companion happy. This is because Scorpios are interested in marriage and long-term commitment

  • Lynn

    NO. “I Will” is a LEO motto, not Scorpio’s. Please stop trying to steal Leo’s mottos and qualities to pass them to Scorpio.

  • Gummy Bear

    Im a Scorpio but I don’t have any of the traits!!!