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Gemini traits

The Gemini Zodiac Sign gives a whole new meaning to the song “Two become one”, because they are literally two beings fused to form one individual with traits that are more contradictory to each other than any of the zodiac signs combined.

Gemini zodiac traits

It is the third sign of the astrological signs of the zodiac, and it is contradictory in the sense that it is one of the most mutable and versatile signs but it gets overly impatient and impulsive if they stay in a single location or doing a certain task for a certain period of time.  They are always looking for new things and they are always excited to meet new people.  They value intellect and relationships, and they are known to be excellent conversationalists.

The Gemini Zodiac Sign, also known as the twins, are born between May 21 and June 20 of the year.

GEMINI – Positive qualities

Gemini is known to be of a Positive quality, meaning that people born under the Gemini Zodiac Sign are extroverts and outwardly expressive.  They are very energetic, and their quick wit makes them absolutely adorable for most of the zodiac signs.  They are very adaptable, and they are considered to be one of the most versatile of all the other astrological signs of the zodiac.  One of their most impressive traits is that they are able to strike up a conversation out of anything, being helped by their intellect and quick wittedness.  They also value the discovery and experience of new and exciting things.  They love freedom and liberty, and would rather have fun than sit around and worry about other life matters.

GEMINI – Dominated by the Air Element

The zodiac astrology considers Air element dominated signs are unstable and lacks vision and direction, unless it is anchored to something stable that can handle its need from freedom once in a while.  Air dominated signs of zodiac are also known for their intellect, and their sever value and need for interaction.

GEMINI – Governed by Mercury

Mercury, or Hermes to the Greeks, is known as the “messenger of the gods”.  He is known to be extremely flighty and fast, and does not stay long at a certain point.  He is certainly a perfect description when it comes to the governing traits of the Gemini Zodiac Sign.  Hermes is also physically described as looking like “a young lad upon which youth is at its loveliest”, which certainly can relate to the way Gemini’s are very physically attractive and why most astrological signs of the zodiac consider them to be extremely irresponsible and child-like.

The Gemini compatibility with other signs

Being a dominantly Air sign, the Gemini Zodiac Sign is all about new and exciting things, which makes the zodiac signs dominated by Fire (known to be very impulsive and excited about new and shiny things) such as Leo and Aries to be a perfect match.  Fellow Air signs (known to have various levels of intellect that can definitely engage a Gemini’s need for striking and interesting conversations) Aquarius and Libra are also known to have high compatibility with Gemini.  The other astrological signs of the zodiac that seem to have trouble getting along with Gemini are those of the Earth (that love nothing more than stability and consistency) such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.  Water dominated signs of zodiac are also known to have unharmonious relationships with the twins: these signs are Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer.  Sagittarius, which is known to be a Fire sign and is the opposite of the Gemini when it comes to the astrological signs of the zodiac, is very incompatible to Gemini.


The highly restless and vivacious Gemini is considered to be variably compatible to its own sign.  The zodiac astrology has always been partial to being either compatible or compatible when it comes to the relationships with same signs, and in the case of the Gemini Zodiac Sign, that certainly holds true.

GEMINI compatibility with Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

COMPATIBILITY – Variable / Middle Ground

Having too much of a good thing is never ideal, and that is the case when a Gemini Zodiac Sign tries to partner up with its own sign.  Both being individuals of multiple interests and extreme intellects, you will never bore each other out and you will never run out of ideas to talk about.  You will always find fun and games on all of the things that you do, and you will never find your relationship with each other dull.  Both of you are fascinating conversationalists, and you will definitely use that talent with each other.  Both of you will have a lot of friends, and it will certainly be a breeze to organize a party between the two of you.  Unfortunately, the other zodiac horoscope signs see Gemini’s as having a severe case of ADHD, because Gemini’s are easily bored if they do something for too long.  Both of you hate monotony, and will definitely jump from one topic or interest to the other at blazing speed.  The same also holds true when it comes to romance, because of a Gemini’s tendency to be interested in other people (not necessarily physically and emotionally), a relationship between these two signs of zodiac will most certainly be filled with one distraction after the next.  Also, being that these are both “Air” signs, they will find it really hard to anchor off each other, and will probably find ways to anchor and stick to other individuals for their own preferences.


While astrology and zodiac may have definite rules when it comes to character traits and compatibilities, it may have a little wiggle room to provide a little change when it comes to relationships of the opposite signs.  Based from the other signs of zodiac, opposites do tend to be attracted to each other.  But unfortunately, the Gemini Zodiac Sign is at complete odds when it comes to its opposite sign, the ever flighty Sagittarius.

GEMINI compatibility with Sagittarius (November 22 – December 1)

COMPATIBILITY – Opposite / Incompatible / Unharmonious

The horoscopes of Gemini and Sagittarius may have one thing in common: and that is the love of adventure and new things.  When it comes to conversations, both zodiac horoscope signs will completely change one topic after another: the Sagittarius incessantly engaging the Gemini in various intellectual topics and interests while the Gemini gets bored as easily as the wind blows.  Sagittarius will never persist when it comes to his or her relationship partners, being that their interest relies to being flighty and seeking adventure elsewhere; and that is also the case when it comes to the Gemini Zodiac Sign – the main difference being that they tend to look for engaging people to be with, but not necessarily for romantic purposes.  Both signs of zodiac are all about starting something and never seeing it through all the way to completion.  The relationship may have started “on a whim” or very impulsively and it might end the exact same way.  Both are very restless and needs a lot of freedom and space, which both signs will definitely be happy to give as long as they have the freedom.


The horoscopes dominated by the Fire element are generally compatible with the Gemini Zodiac Sign.  These signs are the ever tactless and impatient Aries and the attention grabbing Leo.  Gemini is also known to have extremely harmonious relationships with its fellow Air signs Libra and Aquarius.

GEMINI compatibility with Leo (July 23 – August 22)

COMPATIBILITY – Compatible / Harmonious

The zodiac horoscope signs partnership between a Leo and the Gemini Zodiac Sign is indeed a match made in heaven.  Leo is always looking for attention, and what better way to seek for attention than to stick to the Gemini and gain the attention of his or her friends?  Leo will definitely have a blast and his or her ego will definitely boosted and at the same time Gemini will feel much more appreciated because of this.  The flirtatious and playful nature of a Gemini will never bother a Leo because they are the most confident individuals of all the zodiac signs.  There will always be something new to talk about in the relationship, especially since both signs are very competitive, and they will have a lot of fun one-upping each other in a friendly match.

GEMINI compatibility with Libra (September 23 – October 22)

COMPATIBILITY – Compatible / Harmonious

There can never be a match to Libra when it comes to intellect and balance.  Out of all the other zodiac horoscope signs, Libra is considered to be the most intellectual individual, seeking every opportunity to have intellectual stimulation from everything.  This is precisely why the Gemini Zodiac Sign is a perfect match for them, because if there is one sign that can match the intellect and interests of a Libra, then it is none other than the zodiac horoscope Gemini.  Libra will definitely be amazed by the different conversational topics that a Gemini has, and the love for travel and stimulation from new and exciting things by the Gemini will clearly hook a Libra.  They both have passion for travel: a Libra for intellectual stimulation and learning; while a Gemini looking for new and adventurous things to do.  They are both peaceful signs, and this is probably the reason why they tend to agree with each other most of the time.  The only problem that both zodiac horoscope signs face is their finances, because both of them love to spend frivolously.

GEMINI compatibility with Aquarius (January 20 – February 19)

COMPATIBILITY – Compatible / Harmonious

The zodiac horoscope signs of Gemini and Aquarius can definitely have a very harmonious relationship.  Aquarius love to be around people, and because of that they won’t mind when a Gemini wants to spend time with his or her friends or brings a group of people home.  Aquarius is also a very creative and inventive sign, which will definitely fan the interest flame of the Gemini Zodiac Sign’s need for new and exciting things.  The intellect of Gemini will also be extremely stimulated when they are around Aquarius.  The zodiac horoscope also deems Aquarius a very stable sing, which will compliment the chaotic life of a Gemini.  Both signs also share a taste for travel, which will definitely delight the Gemini and fulfill his or her need for new and adventurous stuff.

GEMINI compatibility with Aries (March 21 – April 20)

COMPATIBILITY – Compatible / Harmonious

Aries is considered to be a very dominating sign and does not get along with all of the other zodiac horoscope signs, but the Gemini Zodiac Sign is an extremely mutable sign, which can adapt and really wouldn’t mind the assertiveness of an Aries.  The zodiac astrology considers a relationship between Aries and Gemini to be harmonious because they tend to have very matching traits: the aggressiveness and impatiens of the Aries and the need for new things of the Gemini.  Aries will definitely fall in love with a Gemini’s restlessness and the two of them will have a really good time going on one impulsive decision after another, whether it is for travel, new things, or relationships with other people and acquaintances.  The firm and steady hand of an Aries will definitely give a definite direction to a wayward Gemini, and the passion of Aries will stimulate the intellectual needs of a Gemini.  Aries’ love for action will also be very beneficial to a Gemini, who loves nothing more than to keep moving at all times.


The Gemini Zodiac Sign is generally incompatible with Earth and Water dominated astrological signs of the zodiac.  These signs are either too clingy or too stable for a Gemini’s taste.

GEMINI compatibility with Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible / Unharmonious

Cancer is known to be the most oversensitive sign of all the signs of zodiac, and they will never survive the bombardment of hurt coming their way if they are in a relationship with a Gemini.  The Gemini Zodiac Sign is known to be the most free-spirited and flirtatious of all the signs, and that will definitely not site well at all to the easily hurt and severely possessive Cancer.  The patience of a Cancer will surely be tested by the restlessness of a Gemini, and the need for travel will be questioned by the stable crab.  Gemini will always find it odd when a Cancer becomes moody, and will just tend to run away to his or her friends when a Cancer begins to act defensive and oversensitive, which will definitely cause more pain and hurt to the Cancer.  It is important to note that the one thing that Gemini hates is being tied down, which a Cancer will undoubtedly enforce from the beginning of the relationship to its inevitable end.

GEMINI compatibility with Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible / Unharmonious

The horoscopes of Virgo and Gemini certainly have one thing in common: intellect.  Unfortunately, the buck stops there, and their relationship can suffer from all of their differences.  Virgo is always overcritical and will definitely find a lot of fault at the Gemini’s need to waste his or her time to such various and random acts.  The Gemini Zodiac Sign, on the other hand, will find the need to be slow and purposeful in life to be a chore and a complete bore.  The perfectionist tendencies of a Virgo will always fins a single task or goal to concentrate on, while a Gemini will let his or her scatterbrained ideas take point and will always try to go with the flow.  Virgo always tends to prioritize things, and they will definitely react to a Gemini’s need to live for the moment and go around partying all night long.  Unfortunately, while Virgo slaves away to perfect his or her task at hand, the Gemini will definitely wander off and look for other stimulating conversations and relationships.

GEMINI compatibility with Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible / Unharmonious

When it comes to passion and emotions, Scorpio and the Gemini Zodiac Sign will definitely see eye to eye, but it won’t be long before the glaring differences between the two of them surface.  Gemini has been established as the most fun-loving and free-spirited out of all the zodiac signs, and they will definitely make a Scorpio insecure and jealous all of the time.  Scorpio is notoriously inflexible when it comes to certain things and can be quite demanding when it comes to the people they are involved with, which will be very jarring to a Gemini who will completely be tired out of the incessant demands and accusations of a Scorpio.  All the Gemini needs is to have fun and engaging conversations as well as search for new things, but the Scorpio will have none of that and will definitely have trouble adjusting to the needs of a Gemini.  Scorpio will always need privacy, and it will definitely clash with a Gemini’s need for social interactions.

GEMINI compatibility with Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible / Unharmonious

The main problem between a relationship involving the Gemini Zodiac Sign and a Capricorn is the contrasting ways they view life: one loves security and stability and the other love freedom and liberty.  Because of these differences, both zodiac horoscope signs will always be completely clashing with each other.  Capricorns tend to be very workaholic, and they can be completely absorbed in their work without it bothering them at all.  Gemini’s, on the other hand, will always be counting the hours and waiting for an engaging and stimulating interaction from their partners, and when a Capricorn fails to show up a Gemini will tend to look for his or her interaction needs elsewhere.  A Capricorn wishes financial stability and security while a Gemini does not want to think about those things and would rather party or have a good time.  A Capricorn’s grounded outlook in life will leave a Gemini’s free-spirit dampened, which might control a Gemini for a while until the need for something new kicks in.

GEMINI compatibility with Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible / Unharmonious

Although quite agreeable and very easy to get along with, Pisces will definitely find it hard to keep up with a Gemini’s need for constant motion and incessant need for new and adventurous things.  Pisces will have a really hard time if he or she wants stability and security from a Gemini because they are basically not interested in that, all they are interested in are fun and games.  the zodiac astrology pegs both Gemini and Pisces as not rooted to reality, but they deal with it by very different means: Pisces makes his or her own little fantasy world with little interest in reality; Gemini is very aware of reality but just chooses to drown it with fun and playfulness with a lot of adventure and never deal with it.  Gemini will also feel a little claustrophobic when it comes to the need of a Pisces to be confined indoors.

GEMINI compatibility with Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible / Unharmonious

The Gemini Zodiac Sign will never understand the need for stability and security, which is what a Taurus cares for the most.  Taurus is an Earth based sign, which means that their nature is deeply rooted on the things that they value the most, while a Gemini can be pretty callous and easily gets bored.  Taurus loves to stay indoors all of the time and shall never understand the allure of the open road and the thrill of new adventures, all the while a Gemini can never resist the call of the latter.  Although there are many differences between astrology and zodiac signs, they do agree on one thing: home bodies will always clash with people who want outdoor adventure.  Gemini will find the four walls of a house boring as hell and will set aside all of the security and comfort offered by a Taurus, even though that is what a Gemini severely lack.


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