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Aries profile information and traits

Aries signAries horoscope

The Aries zodiac sign are those born from March 21 and April 19.  Those who are born between those dates have the following Aries characteristics:

  • Generous
  • Independent
  • Optimistic
  • Enthusiastic
  • Courageous

Of course, being an Aries can have some drawbacks.  Some of the drawbacks of being an Aries are:

  • Temperamental and short-tempered
  • Self-absorbed
  • Impulsive and rash
  • Impatient

Aries and Independence:

One of the strongest horoscope traits of an Aries is their independence.  Being the first of the twelve signs, Aries are early adopters and go-getters, often being the vanguard and leading the way.  Their independence coupled with their enthusiasm and generosity makes them a prime leader that many others are willing to follow.

Aries and Friendship:

Aries make great friends.  They take care of their friends because of their generosity and they are great to be around because of their optimism and enthusiasm.  Furthermore, an Aries will have your back when you are in trouble as they are often courageous in the face of danger.  With an Aries as a friend, there is never a boring day.

Aries and Business/Money:

Since Aries are independent and are considered vanguards in many aspects, they will often be the first to plunge into an idea.  And because they are courageous, they do not mind that risk that comes with entrepreneurial and business pursuits.  And when an idea or business pursuit works out for an Aries, it works out very well because of the risks they took.

Aries and Temperament:

Like all independent people, Aries are especially strong-willed.  Additionally, because they are used to their independence, they do not like others telling them what to do and like to have free reign over their decisions.  As such, Aries do best when they work on their own.  And because of their optimistic nature, they are usually able to get through tough situations as they look at every situation as a “glass half full” situation.  And because Aries are extremely generous people, they feel extremely happy when they are giving to others.

Aries on the Inside:

Although Aries are by nature very strong and independent people, they do have their moments of insecurities.  This insecurity and self-doubt is caused by the intense desire and will to succeed.  However, insecurities are often just passing thoughts and emotions as their optimistic and enthusiastic outlook on life will often get them through many of the rough patches in life.

Aries Summarized:

To summarize an Aries, they are strong, independent, and emotionally strong individuals.  The cheerful and enthusiastic framework that they choose to look through life with allows them to be free of negative thoughts and work for a better tomorrow.  Their independent and courageous nature allows them to work for what they believe in and take risks when the time calls for it.  And because they are extremely generous beings, Aries are extremely good to the ones they love.  Although Aries are extremely caring individuals, they do not let anyone get in the way of their liberty.

Aries and Romance

You will get all the excitement you will ever need when you are dating an Aries.  Their enthusiasm and optimism makes them an all-around great companion as they are always high on life.  In addition, an Aries will always be there for their love and be willing to sacrifice a lot to make their lover happy because of their generosity and courageousness.

Dating an Aries Woman:

Although dating an Aries woman is extremely exciting and full of adventure, you better be ready for all she has to offer.  The Aries woman is not your average girl.  They are opinionated, independent, and headstrong.  They do not expect nor do they want you to pay for everything.  They do not need the man to open the door for them and they are not codependent.  To the contrary, they might often take the lead in the relationship and want to plan dates and occasions.  So if you are dating an Aries, make sure to let her voice her opinion in the relationship.

Aries women are more temperamental than your average woman and can be extremely stubborn—much more stubborn than your average woman.   If you are a guy, you don’t have to worry about your Aries woman being clingy; they appreciate their freedom and hold their individuality close to their hearts.

When it comes to sex with an Aries woman, expect a wild ride.  An Aries woman likes to have fun in bed and can be quite aggressive and adventurous.  Aries women like it rough and want to dominate in the bedroom by taking top position. So if you are guy who likes to experiment in bed, an Aries woman is perfect for you.  If you are a guy who has never experienced adventure in the bedroom, you are in for quite a surprise.

Dating an Aries Man:

You will find no man more stubborn than an Aries Man.  When dating an Aries man, sometimes it is better to just let things go in order to avoid further aggravating conflicts.  And if you love adventure, then an Aries man is for you; Aries men like to be adventurous and love to take risks.   It is not out of the norm for an Aries man to take you bungee jumping or skydiving as a date.  If you like to travel, you will love dating an Aries as the excitement and variety in visiting different places excites an Aries man.  It might be difficult to get an Aries man to break down his walls initially because of his independent nature but if you are willing to embrace excitement and adventure, you might just be the one he opens his world to.

Sex with an Aries man may be some of the best sex you will ever have.  Sex with an Aries man is extremely aggressive and rough.  The adventure in the bedroom will be plentiful and he is always looking to push the envelope in the relationship.

In order to make a relationship work with an Aries man, you need to challenge him emotionally and intellectually.  Additionally, you must not be too clingy as the dependency will drive him away.  If you dislike adventure and excitement, things will not work out with an Aries man.  However, if you love thrills and are high on life, then an Aries man is exactly what you are looking for.

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    So you described a ram a bull, and a little scorpion as “strong,” but not a LION? What’s wrong with you guys? Why are you modern astrologers being so biased against Leos?