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Cancer profile information and traits

Cancer Horoscope 

Cancer signCancer zodiac is the fourth sign of the zodiac circle and is the sign of water.  Those that are born from June 22 to July 22 belong to this zodiac sign.  This sign symbolizes their very emotional nature. They are very soothing, just like water. Their key life phrase is “I Nurture.” The Cancer zodiac sign has the symbol of the crab. Crabs are able to walk or run sideways. This can symbolize the way they move around in life, in an indirect manner.  Cancers are considered the support within their families and friends. They are compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. They are not compatible with Sagittarius, Aquarius and Libra. Some famous Cancerians include Bill Cosby, Nelson Mandela, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford.

Cancer Personality

One of the biggest strengths for a person who is a Cancer is their ability to nurture others. Family is very important to them and they take a paternal role in their familial relationships.  They love to spend time with their family and tend to keep their family very close to their hearts. Cancerians are lovable people and are well-liked.  They are loyal to their loved ones and respect the opinions of others.

Cancers are romantics that are easy to deal with in relationships. Some Cancer horoscope traits that separate them from other signs include: reliability, caring, responsiveness, trustworthiness, adaptability and loyalty.  One of the most distinguished traits of Cancerians is their mood swings.  They can be an extrovert at one time and then an introvert another time.


Cancerians make wonderful friends because of their caring and nurturing nature.  They are people that can be relied upon and counted on.  Cancerians make excellent parents because they hold family in such high regard.

Cancerians are the type of friend people turn to with their problems, worries and concerns. Although they have all these wonderful characteristics that make them great friends, it is pretty difficult for them to make friends. This is probably because they take their friendships very seriously and don’t bother with having acquaintances or causal friendships; they like to dedicate their time to a few close relationships rather than spread themselves thin with many relationships that do not matter as much.


Cancerians are hard workers. When they are assigned with a project, they will not stop until they are finish with it. This type of perseverance is what makes them very successful in any career they wish to pursue.

Two other characteristics that make them successful when it comes to their careers are they are great investors and business partners.  This is because they are risk adverse and like to go towards more secure routes or routes in which risks can be hedged.

Cancerians are also excellent organizers that have a good sense of economy and thus are great managers.  Their abilities encompass a wide range of occupations. They are the types of people who are interested in what people are thinking and enjoy serving and taking care of others. Some occupations that Cancers would be good at include being journalists, politicians or writers. They are more likely to be in the background rather than the forefront. Cancers would also do well in any positions that involve a nurturing role. These positions range from nursing to catering to the welfare of the disadvantaged. They are also suited for careers that involve risk assessments.

Dating a Cancer Woman:

A Cancer woman is very supportive and will be your cheerleader in life.  They are very smart, so don’t try to lead them on or trick them. They are very caring and will take great care of you if they think you are worth it. They want to find someone who shares in their beliefs.  If you are seeking serious partner, Cancerians are perfect for you. They have a great sense of humor and thus will not take what you say too seriously.

Cancerians want a partner that is direct and honest, and expect their partners to share the same sentiment.  Cancer girls are usually not the first to initiate a relationship as they hate rejection. Cancer girls like guys that are willing to share their problems, probably because they are ones to offer great advices and solutions because of their caring nature.

Appreciation and attention is what she cares about. They are sensitive so it is best to be careful what you say to her. If she is upset, she will expect to be consoled. A Cancer woman strongly guards what belongs to her, including her man. She is not the jealous type, but does not enjoy sharing anything that is hers. Adultery is not a trait for a Cancerian. When she is committed to you, she will be yours forever.

Dating a Cancer Man:

Cancerians are known for their homely nature and being emotionally sensitive. They can come off as being extremely shy because they like to mind their own business. Cancerians are not ones to spill everything about themselves when you first meet them. It will probably take dates to get a Cancer man to open up.  If you are dating a Cancerian male, your relationship will be emotionally satisfying as they are highly sensitive to your needs and wishes.

Emotional security is important to Cancers. That is why it is important for you to stand by his side and assure him of your love for him. Cancerians make very loyal partners and they will not cheat on you.  They remain truthful physically and emotionally faithful to their partners and in return expect the same from them. Once they know you are the one, they will shower you with admiration, love, praise, and presents.

Cancerian males are conscious about everything around them, from the way they look to their cars and homes. They want their cars and clothing to be perfect. One word to describe a Cancer man would be sophisticated. He likes to stay within the norms and not venture far from it.