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Leo traits

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign. Leo-born individuals are born in the dates between July 21 and August 20. The tropical zodiac gives the dates between July 23 and August 22. The sidereal zodiac, on the other hand, puts a Leo between August 10 and September 15.

Leo zodiac sign traits

Zodiac signs are given prime importance in the field of astrology. Every zodiac sign is believed to be associated with a certain planet as its ruler. Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun is associated with warmth, loyalty, pride, generosity, philanthropy, and narcissism. In addition, each zodiac sign bears one of the four elements in astrology which control the universe. The four elements are air, water, fire, and earth. Leo is under the fire sign. The fire sign is a symbol of adventurism, exploration, and openness. Moreover, there is a strong sense of idealism that is conveyed by a fire sign, making the bearer of the sign to be blunt, strong, and daring. The Sun-ruled fire sign of Leo has a very big influence when it comes to predicting Leo compatible signs and Leo personality traits.

Other terms which are used to denote a zodiac sign in astrology are birth sign, astrological sign, sun sign, star sign, and planet sign. A zodiac sign has a corresponding personality trait, normally based on the combination of the governing planet and element. The key personality traits of each zodiac sign are predominantly used to construct astrological compatibility cusps or charts. These compatibility charts depict the possible outcomes of relationships between two different zodiac sign pairings. The horoscope is also related to zodiac signs. A horoscope is a widely popular tool in astrology when it comes to predicting the future.  In compatibility love cusps, horoscopes involve all the twelve zodiac signs and the personality traits of people according to their astrological sign. The compatibility of signs between two people in a relationship will tell whether or not a certain pairing has a chance of working out.

The Leo sun sign is considered as the most dominant and extrovert among the twelve zodiac signs. Symbolized by the Lion, a Leo is naturally dignified, magnanimous, bold, and ambitious. A typical Leo personality equates to a very strong leader who exudes so much confidence and self-worth. The Leo sign characteristics are marked by spontaneous creativity, vanity, independence, and flamboyance. The primary negative traits of Leo-born individuals revolve around their need for being the object of admiration of other people. Thus, as bosses, they tend to be overbearing on their subordinates, not to mention too materialistic and extremely self-centered. The Leo man characteristics are also particularly marked by aggressiveness and violence. Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones is a classic example of a Leo; his charisma both on and off the stage and his consistent declaration that his very own brand name is the best in the rock music industry all spell out the typical egotism and spontaneous creativity of the Leo sun sign. Another notable Leo is Bill Clinton. He exudes the confidence and strength of an effective and knowledgeable leader, and his womanizing tendencies are typical of a Leo who requires variety, fun, and self-satisfaction. A Leo woman is also normally vain, passionate, and materialistic.

A natural cosmic splendor is displayed by a Leo. It is a highly fixed sign governed by the Sun. This may mean that whatever good or bad characteristics that are inherent in a Leo-born individual, they are considered permanent.

There are three classes of Leo individuals. The following section lists their most important traits:

  1. The Leo individual who is born between July 24 and August 5. This person is a true Leo. There is a very strong charisma and confidence displayed even at an early age. The Leo born between these dates will know exactly what they want and how to get it. People born between these dates most likely end up as high-level politicians or occupy high ranks in corporations.
  2. The Leo individual who is born between August 6 and August 14. This person is considered to be the adventurous Leo. The people born between these dates are very independent, outgoing, and are most likely to travel to many places, to experience many cultures, or to engage in many areas of formal studies. The fire sign of the Leo, which denotes exploration and openness, is predominant in these dates. Leo-born individuals who are born between August 6 and August 14 will have the ambitious drive of a typical Leo coupled with the warmth, cunning, and grandeur denoted by the assigned ruling planet which is the Sun.
  3. The Leo individual who is born between August 15 and August 23. This is the short-tempered and arrogant Leo. This is strongly influenced by the planet Mars and the constellation Aries so a Leo who is born between these dates will have a very strong ego and will display excessive generosity. The brash Leo is such a sight to watch because he or she embodies the feral qualities of a lion.

Leo sign profile

When the motion of the sun is followed and charted with respect to the stars, the resulting form will be that of an “elliptic.” When this particular elliptic is tracked and charted for a year, the layer of sky on all sides of the elliptic zone becomes what is called the “zodiac.” The thirty-degree arc which is measured from the zodiac circle is associated with a particular zodiac sign. Therefore, an individual’s zodiac sign is interpreted as the specific position of the sun with respect to the stars during the time of year when the given individual was born.

The Leo sun sign is summarized by the following key details and statistics:

  • Constellation: Leo
  • Zodiac sign symbol: the Lion
  • Ruling planet: Sun
  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Fixed (denotes stability)
  • Money Planet: Mercury
  • Career Planet: Venus
  • Love Planet: Uranus
  • Birthstone or Starstone: Ruby
  • Gemstones: Amber, yellow diamond, and chrysolite
  • Lucky day: Sunday
  • Lucky numbers: 8 and 9
  • Lucky fabric: Brocade
  • Licky stone: Peridot
  • Lucky colors: Gold, Orange, and Red
  • Flower: marigold and sunflower
  • Scents: Bergamot, musk, neroli, and frankincense
  • Wood: Walnut
  • Metal: Gold
  • Animal: all varieties of cats or felines
  • Season: Summer
  • Trees: all citrus trees
  • Body part ruled by the Leo: spine and heart
  • Possible health weaknesses of a Leo: ailments involving the back, the lungs, the heart, and the eyes
  • Best zodiac sign compatibility of a Leo: Aries and Sagittarius
  • Worst zodiac sign compatibility of a Leo: Taurus and Scorpio
  • Financially most helpful zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Famous personalities who were born under the Leo sun sign: Carl Jung, Neil Armstrong, Ray Bradbury, Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, Kevin Spacey, Hillary Swank, James Cameron, Amelia Earhart, Ed Norton, Martha Stewart, Charles Bukowski, Napoleon Bonaparte, Fidel Castro, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dustin Hoffman, Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas, David Duchovny, and Robert De Niro.

The following represents the cultural translations of Leo in many languages:

  • Arabic: Asad
  • Anglo-Norman: Leun
  • French: Lion
  • German: Löwe
  • Greek: Nemeaeus
  • Hebrew: Aryë
  • Hindu: Asleha
  • Italian: Leone
  • Persian: Shïr
  • Portuguese: Leão
  • Spanish: Leo
  • Turkish: Artãn

The Leo element

The Leo personality traits are associated with the element of fire in Western astrology. This element gives rise to the characteristic self-confidence, determination, flamboyance, and strength exhibited by a Leo. Symbolized by the Lion, the Leo sun sign is characterized by pride, generosity, arrogance, vanity, materialism, and the need to shine or gain attention. Most especially evident in Leo man characteristics, the Leo personality is very rash, stubborn, and daring. In women, the strong need for attention or adoration key personality traits. Leo has a charisma which generally makes him or her a good leader and entertainer.

The mythology of Leo

In Greek mythology, Leo or the Lion was associated with the Nemean Lion that was slain by Hercules while he was performing one of the twelve difficult labors that were set out for him by the Greek goddess Hera. Hera had hated Hercules for a long time because he was an illegitimate son of Zeus so she sent Hercules to perform many deadly tasks. She was hoping he would eventually fail and die. In the end, Hercules defeated the Nemean Lion. He even fashioned a cloak and helmet from the animal’s hide. Zeus honored his illegitimate son’s feat by placing the image of the Lion upon the night sky.

Leo Zodiac Compatibility with Other Signs

Leo Compatibility With Aries

The pairing of an Aries and a Leo is considered to be the best compatibility among the zodiac signs. These two sun signs are expected to enjoy an extraordinary physical chemistry. Moreover, Aries and Leo are extroverts by nature. Both are outgoing and adventure-seeking. This pairing will, indeed, result to a satisfying and enjoyable relationship. This pairing will enjoy many glamorous parties and extravagant trips together. Aries and Leo are two dominant astrological signs so their only potential clash will be in their pride. During arguments or disagreements, nobody will back down to give way to the other. But other than that, they will share so many things in common. Even the things that they dislike, such as stinginess and domesticity, are also the same.

Leo Compatibility With Taurus

The Leo sign characteristics are very strongly opposite that of a Taurus. As a matter of fact, Leo and Taurus have the worst compatibility when it comes to a love match. These two zodiac signs are fixed signs, meaning both of them will not back down. And they will almost always disagree on a lot of things. Taurus is normally thrifty while a Leo is very extravagant. A Leo woman, in particular, is normally vain and yearns to be constantly adored. A Taurus is marked by a sense of domesticity. A Leo, on the other hand, is very outgoing and carefree. The Leo personality traits will expectedly clash again and again with those of a Taurus’s during the course of this relationship. They are both stubborn in nature, so the only way for this pairing to work is to consciously understand and forgive each other.

Leo Compatibility With Gemini

The Gemini Leo compatibility is at its strongest in the areas linked to attending glamorous parties, theater, and other lively social interactions. These aspects of their personalities will definitely bring them close to each other during many stages in their relationship. Any Gemini Leo compatibility is a continuous journey towards seeking amusement and variety. What might possibly draw them away is the Gemini’s lighthearted attitude when it comes to love and relationships. A Gemini is very confident, energetic, and exuberant. Jealousy by the Leo towards Gemini’s extreme flirtatiousness may mar the Gemini Leo cusp.

Leo Compatibility With Cancer

These two birth signs share a common need for romance, though not necessarily in the same form. The Leo will want the kind of romance that can bring in a certain level of glory and excitement; the Cancer will focus on the more spiritual and meaningful aspect of the romantic relationship. This pairing has a chance of working out perfectly if the incompatibilities between these two signs are not allowed to be at the forefront of the relationship. The Cancer will take things seriously and will require security, peace, and domesticity. The Leo sun sign, on the other hand, will be extravagant, self-centered, and flamboyant. There is a chance for this pairing to work out if a conscious effort is exerted by both parties to understand and respect each other.

Leo Compatibility With Virgo

Leo and Virgo certainly have an incompatible love match. Virgo is characterized by practicality and being introverted. Leo, on the other hand, is proud, extravagant, and flamboyant. In a Leo Virgo cusp, the Leo will consistently be a show-off and the Virgo will avoid the limelight in favor of domesticity or intellectual pursuits. The Virgo will frequently nag at Leo to curb his or her pompous and ostentatious behavior. The pairing of a Virgo male and a Leo female will have a good relationship during the early stages of the relationship, but later on the Leo female will become too demanding for a Virgo male. A Virgo male is emotionally detached and will not respond accordingly to the emotional temperament of a Leo female. A Leo female is especially very prone to needing attention and adoration; these qualities will eventually drive any Virgo male away. If the signs are reversed to that of a Virgo female and a Leo male, the Leo Virgo cusp might have more chances of succeeding. If a Virgo female can change a Leo male’s highly demanding nature by her frequent admonitions, then the relationship will definitely progress. Virgo and Leo will make an excellent partnership when it comes to financial matters.

Leo Compatibility With Libra

Leo Libra compatibility is workable and average at best. These two birth signs are characterized by sociability and romance. The Libra is flexible enough to accommodate the stubbornness of a Leo. These two astrological signs enjoy extravagance, passion, and adventure. It is expected that the charisma of a Leo will draw the Libra to always back down when arguments or disagreements between the two will occur. They also share a creative and artistic side. The dominant Leo will always take charge of the indecisive Libra. They will compete, too, in order to get attention. This pairing in a Leo Libra compatibility is quite good but it may have its rough sides. Libra has a strong sense of justice; he or she might be eventually put off by the brashness and egotistical behavior of a Leo.

Leo Compatibility With Scorpio

The Leo Scorpio compatibility is very low in terms of attaining stability and happiness in a relationship. As a matter of fact, the Scorpio Leo compatibility is considered worst in a love match. There is certainly a very high level of physical chemistry between these two zodiac signs. But a typical Scorpio will be too jealous and too clingy for a Leo. A Leo will be satisfied by being admired and a Scorpio would rather dominate than praise the Leo partner. In rare circumstances where serious effort is exerted by both parties to make the relationship work, this pairing can be bearable and even enjoyable.

Leo Compatibility With Capricorn

Capricorn Leo compatibility is not ideal because of a Capricorn’s quiet and serene nature. Cosmically speaking, the Leo personality traits are the exact opposites of a Capricorn’s characteristics. The down-to-earth nature of Capricorn will definitely clash against the flamboyant and garish attitude of a Leo. They share a common view of loyalty and commitment when it comes to relationships, but this pairing will need tremendous amount of effort in order to work.

Leo Compatibility With Sagittarius

Leo Sagittarius compatibility is a cosmically sound and perfect arrangement. Both birth signs will engage in their mutual interests like seeking adventure and socializing with many new people. Love, to a Sagittarius and a Leo, is interpreted as a special form of amusement. Thus, they will spend a lot of time to entertain themselves during the course of their relationship. In addition, they will enjoy very good physical chemistry. Sagittarius will again and again inspire and fire up the Leo. The Leo will give confidence in return to the forever flirtatious Sagittarian so that the Sagittarian mate will stay faithful in the relationship. Always wanting to be the center of attention, Leo-born people have a tendency to be stubborn and self-centered. A similar tendency is also evident in the Sagittarius zodiac sign. When allowed to grow during the course of a relationship, these two highly compatible sun signs will ultimately become the centers of each other’s attention. Leo is a fire sign. It is ruled by the sun. This will lead to Leo being the dominant person in the pairing with a Sagittarius, which is also a fire sign. The Sagittarius Leo compatibility will lead to a very happy marriage because both parties can regularly keep the interest towards each other.

Leo Compatibility With Aquarius

The Leo Aquarius compatibility will be marked by average compatibility when it comes to a love match. The Aquarius male will possess confidence, intellectualism, and a strong sense of individuality which will make him very endearing in the eyes of a typical Leo female. In turn, the Aquarius male will be attracted to the warmth and generosity of the Leo female. These two sun signs share a common love for social interaction; meeting and interacting with new people in various social settings will bring them so much closer to each other. They will also support each other’s love for travel or adventure. The Leo Aquarius compatibility is feasible and workable given the right conditions.

Leo Compatibility With Pisces

A Pisces and a Leo pairing has an average compatibility when it comes to a love match. The possible outcome of their relationship is normally built within the confines of their time together. It may be quite difficult to predict whether or not this love match will last. A Pisces is timid and generally unworldly. A Leo sun sign, on the other hand, is very domineering and flamboyant. These two zodiac signs have contrasting traits which may complement each other to a certain extent. There are so many personality traits that are inherent in these two birth signs, and there is a possibility that they can exploit those contrasting traits to their advantage. The Pisces can be inspired by the confidence and charisma of a Leo. The Leo can then be satisfied by the loyalty and companionship offered by a Pisces. The main factor that sets these two signs apart is the mystical nature of a Pisces who will resist being the center of attention. Leo personality traits are governed and motivated by obtaining applause, approval, and attention. Fortunately, both sun signs exhibit lavishness, generosity, and a heightened emotional sensitivity. Their compatibility in a love match may have a great chance of turning into a lasting partnership if both parties make a conscious effort to understand and forgive each other.


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