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Sagittarius profile information and traits

Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius signSagittarius is one of the luckiest signs and belongs to those born from November 22through December 21. The Sagittarius zodiac is the 9th sign of the zodiac chart.  Their sign is one of a half human and half animal and is the sign of fire. The man in their sign is holding a bow and arrow that is pointing towards the heaven. This symbolizes that they are spiritual by nature.  Sagittarians are extremely active people who love nature and being in the great outdoors.  Sagittarians are best compatible with Leo, Aries, Libra and Aquarius.

Sagittarius Personality

Like Aries, Sagittarians are extremely positive and optimistic. People enjoy being around them because of their positive attitudes. They are also great listeners. Sagittarians are known for their large heart, always willing to help others. They are adventurous people that are not afraid to go beyond their comfort zone. Sagittarians enjoy looking for new experiences, including traveling and finding new adventures. They are independent and loyal people.  Sagittarians are generous people that are very reliable and sincere when it comes to their relationships. Keeping a close relationship can be difficult for them because they are independent.  Some Sagittarius horoscope traits include honesty, being straight-forward, and possessing a good sense of humor. Because they are extremely focused individuals, Sagittarians sometimes find it hard to concentrate on various things at once, making it difficult to multitask.  Sagittarians can be rude and ignore opinions and suggestions of others. They can also be unpredictable.


Sagittarians make very loyal friends. This is one of their stronger qualities. Their caring ways and giving nature is what makes them great friends. Sagittarians excel in helping their friends when it comes to problems. They enjoy giving their opinions but can be rather blunt as Sagittarians are quite honest and can be critical at times.  They are social people, having a charm that people get drawn to. Sagittarians are always willing to do favors for others, never expecting things in return. They are not jealous or possessive people. When it comes to their friends, they do not like to stick their noses in others businesses unless asked. They are great entertainers, mostly due to their creative and outgoing personality.  Out of all 12 zodiac personalities, Sagittarians are the friendliest of all signs.


Sagittarians are very driven and ambitious individuals that will usually put their careers in front of everything else.  This may cause trouble in their personal lives, but these traits make them great managers and leaders. Sagittarians are successful in some of the most prominent careers, including law, philosophy, education and philanthropy. They also find a lot of success in careers that involve sports and adventures. They possess the natural skills and spirit of a successful athlete.

Sagittarians are great at communication, so they do well in advertising and public relations. They will most likely find jobs that allow them to explore and see the world. They have a hunger for knowledge, wanting to learn more about their surroundings. Sagittarians have the gift and natural ability to talk to anyone. This ability makes them excellent as ministers, bishops and working in the clergy. They can do very well in many different occupations but they do not enjoy working in an office where they sit all day or a job wherein they are repeating the same tasks each day. Sagittarians enjoy a challenge; jobs requiring mental strength and stamina are suited for Sagittarians because it presents a challenge. However, those who have Sagittarius as a sign also enjoy control, which can limit their choices of careers. Although they respect authority, they do not like to be told what to do by a peer.

Dating a Sagittarius Man

A Sagittarius man is a lot of fun, considerate and passionate. However he may be hard to catch. This is due to him not staying in one place for very long. When it comes to marriage, it will be hard to tie him down. Sagittarius men enjoy a mysterious girl because they enjoy the chase. They enjoy spontaneity and like a woman that shows interests in what he enjoys. Sagittarius men like women that take good care of themselves. This includes dressing well, having a great style and smelling great. It is best not to reveal all of yourself at once to a Sagittarius man because he enjoys the mysteriousness of a woman.  If you reveal too much of yourself too soon, he may get bored and leave.  A Sagittarius man also wants an intelligent woman who can match wit.  If you want him to remain interested in you, intellectual stimulation is a must.  He needs a woman that is patient and equally intelligent. Sagittarians enjoys being free and being able to go on any adventure whenever he wants.

Dating a Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius woman is best described as being optimistic and honest. They enjoy a cheerful life that is free of restrictions.  When dating a Sagittarius woman, do not be surprised by her honesty. Try not to be offended when it comes to your appearance. She will not be scared to tell you about your weight or untidiness. Sagittarius women have a great sense of humor and enjoy talking but you may need to remind her to be thoughtful at times so she won’t hurt other people’s feelings. A Sagittarius woman loves adventure. She loves to explore, see new places, and try different things. When it comes to dating, she loves to do physical activities on a date. If you are dating a Sagittarius woman, try keeping up with her and her adventurous nature. She prefers going to a theme park rather than a romantic dinner out at an expensive restaurant. It is easy to begin a relationship with a Sagittarius woman but hard to keep her involved.  She gets bored quickly and if you become too predictable, she will likely leave.