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Capricorn profile information and traits

Capricorn horoscope

Capricorn traitsThe Capricorn zodiac sign are those born from December 22 and January 19.  Those who are born between those dates have the following Capricorn characteristics:

  • Responsible
  • Patient
  • Ambitious
  • Resourceful
  • Loyal

Of course, being a Capricorn can have some drawbacks.  Some of the drawbacks of being a Capricorn are:

  • Dictatorial
  • Inhibited
  • Conceited
  • Distrusting
  • Unimaginative

Capricorn and Independence:

Of the Zodiac, Capricorns are the most independent.  They are always aware of their own limits and abilities, and only reach as far as they know they can grab.  This is partially due to their distrustful nature; they don’t like things being done improperly and would rather just have it done right the first time, and since they think so highly of themselves, they know they can do a better job than others.  They work best alone, and often feel out of place in a group situation.

Capricorn and Friendship:

Capricorns make very strong friends because they are very sympathetic, patient, and always willing to help.  They know how to make use of their resources and are able to pick up a friend that has hit rock bottom.  They may try to dictate your life, but when it comes to friends, they are doing it for everyone’s best interest.  Capricorns always try to keep things interesting, so for those needing an exciting life, a Capricorn would be the perfect friend.

Capricorn and Business/Money:

Capricorns always try to be the best at what they do in order to become great leaders at it.  This makes them very handy when it comes to business.  Because of their time management skills they are excellent at planning out situations before starting a task which makes them excellent project managers and planning advisors.  However, since Capricorns are so unimaginative, they are not good at working in situations where they have to be creative and think outside of the box; instead of thinking of something entirely new, the Capricorn knows how to make something that already works, work better.  They are efficiency machines that try to optimize all aspects of their life, including their career.

Capricorn and Temperament:

Capricorns are truly self-disciplined.  They work hard on their own and expect great things from themselves.  Much like Taurus, they like to evaluate the situation before making any decisions; knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each action they make is what makes them so successful.  Capricorns tend to seem stuck up because of their self-reliant nature, but are only interested in the success of themselves, their close friends, and family.  This can come from their constant need to lead everyone else’s life, their inability to let others do their work, or their constant struggle toward perfection.  Capricorns are also very closed-minded so it can be difficult to get them to change their mind about something once they have an opinion of it already.  That being said, first impressions are important to Capricorns.

Capricorn on the Inside:

Capricorns feel most secure when their lives are structured and planned out.  The only recognition they require is their own self-love; when they do well, they are sure to tell themselves that.  In order to find security they push themselves to be the best and that leads to their perfectionist nature that others find condescending.  Because of their independence, they find it difficult to get close to others emotionally.

Capricorn Summarized:

Capricorns are ambitious people that want to be recognized for their success, and remembered even after death.  They are willing to do anything it takes in order to succeed whenever they set their minds to something, and can be extremely patient if they know that is what it takes.  Capricorns are hard to get close to due to their distrusting nature, and do not open up to even the closest of friends, however they are still great friends even without opening up.  They strive to make their friends the best they can be, even at the cost of dictating their life and ruining their friendship.  In order to make a Capricorn feel comfortable, they have to have complete control of their environment and know all aspects of their life are in check.  Once something goes wrong, outside of the Capricorns plans, they start to feel anxious.

Capricorn and Romance

Capricorns are classy people that enjoy being in a nice surrounding with a pleasant atmosphere.  The only thing they need from you is a good sense of humor; someone that can make them laugh and laughs along with their jokes.  They do not like to share their emotions, so if you are someone that likes to pry into other people’s lives, a Capricorn may not be right for you.

Dating a Capricorn Woman:

Capricorn woman show a very tough exterior, not letting people get close often.  Deep down, they are waiting to get swept off their feet, hoping to find that fairy tale ending.  If you are looking for a challenging relationship to be in, a Capricorn woman is right for you.  It takes a lot of time to open her up, but once she opens up it will be all worth it.  She is a smart and practical and will take control of your life, in a cute and subtle way, making sure to lead you in the right direction to be successful and live a comfortable life.

Dating a Capricorn Man:

Capricorn men appreciate a physical relationship; however, do not like getting too close emotionally.  Like the Capricorn women, the men will show a very tough exterior, seemingly indifferent to any emotional attachment.  However, they are actually seeking a faithful companion but just have a hard time truly placing their trust into anyone.  They enjoy talking about serious things and yearn to grow to be more successful.  Unlike the women, Capricorn men expect high class gifts, nothing second-hand.  This is because they view themselves as the best and only expect the best in return.  If you happen to open up a Capricorn man and get into his life, you can expect to live a life of class.

  • some of this is not even close and way off but some of it is right