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Sagittarius traits

The Sagittarius zodiac sign is applied to individuals born between November 22 and December 21. Zodiac signs are the basis of astrology. Moreover, each zodiac sign is linked to a certain planet as a ruler. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is associated with temperate characteristics which relax and expand circumstances and things. Every zodiac sign also takes one of the four basic elements which are believed to control the universe.

Sagittarius traits

The four elements are water, air, fire, and earth. Sagittarius is under the fire sign. The fire sign is a symbolic expression of socialization, exploration, and tolerance towards the differences of others. A strong sense of idealism and intellectualism is exhibited by the fire sign, making the bearer of the sign to be blunt and tactless when it comes to his or her criticism of other people’s failings.

The Jupiter-ruled fire sign of Sagittarius has a major influence when it comes to predicting Sagittarius compatible signs and Sagittarius personality traits.

There are other terms which are used to denote zodiac sign in astrology. The term “zodiac sign” can also be called an astrological sign, sun sign, birth sign, star sign, and planet sign. Each zodiac sign has a corresponding personality trait. Thus, individuals who are born under the same zodiac sign possess common key characteristics. These characteristics are then used to govern astrological compatibility charts or cusps between the pairings of different sun signs. These cusps will generally predict the most likely outcomes of relationships. The horoscope is strongly aligned with the understanding of zodiac signs. A horoscope is a very popular astrological tool for predicting the future. When it comes to compatibility love cusps, horoscopes take into consideration all the twelve zodiac signs and the characteristics of people according to their birth sign. Compatibility of signs between two individuals will indicate whether or not a certain relationship has a chance of working out.

Sagittarius personality traits are marked by impulsiveness and a very strong sense of adventure. Sagittarians are highly sociable individuals; social interaction and intellectual stimulation are two of the things that they deeply enjoy. Meeting new people usually gives them so much joy. Moreover, Sagittarians value independence more than anything else; they strictly abhor being placed in one location or situation for a considerable period of time. Monotony and domestic life are the two most hated things of a person born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. A Sagittarian will always love to take unplanned trips, take on whirlwind romances, and make hasty decisions.

When involved in a relationship, a Sagittarius will require variety in order to sustain his or her interest towards his or her partner. They are easily bored by domesticity and do not respond at all to sentimentality. Sagittarians also rarely exhibit insecurity and jealousy because they have an easygoing nature. In astrological compatibility cusps, Sagittarius does not make a good match with birth signs which are characterized by an introverted, sensitive, and caring nature. Sagittarius, on the other hand, is essentially a perfect match for sun signs that possess a strong sense of adventure and variety.

In friendships and other non-romantic relations, Sagittarians are highly encouraging and optimistic, not to mention very generous to a fault. They are rarely jealous or possessive. Sagittarians also have a great sense of humor, are known for being incredibly straightforward, and are very open and tolerant of other people’s mindsets and beliefs. The Sagittarian’s love for intellectual stimulation almost always turns them into wonderful sources of information, especially in the middle of a social setting like a party. In business relationships, their adventurism and optimism will make them extraordinary conversationalists and entertainers. These qualities will profit them as actors, comedians, storytellers, and philosophers. The only part that might hinder the success of Sagittarians in their chosen profession is their tendency to avoid any type of serious commitment. Sagittarians favor variety; routine will turn them away with the drop of a hat. They have a tendency to procrastinate and perform quite well when it comes to beating deadlines.

Sagittarius profile

The charted motion of the sun with respect to the other stars will produce what is called an “elliptic.” When this particular motion is followed and charted for a year, the sky on every side of this elliptic zone is termed as the zodiac. The thirty-degree segment measured off from the zodiac circle is linked to a specific zodiac sign. Thus, a person’s zodiac sign can be understood as the particular position of the sun during the given time of the year when the person was born.

The Sagittarius zodiac is summarized by the following key details:

  • Constellation: Sagittarius
  • Zodiac sign symbol: the Archer or the Centaur
  • Ruling planet: Jupiter
  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Lucky numbers: 5 and 7
  • Lucky day: Thursday
  • Lucky color: Purple and light blue
  • Metal: Tin
  • Flowers: Dandelions and narcissus
  • Best sign compatibility: Aries and Leo
  • Worst sign compatibility: Pisces and Capricorn
  • Key personality traits: independence, flirtatiousness, optimism, and impulsiveness
  • Celebrities who bear the Sagittarius zodiac sign: Felicity Huffman, Kim Basinger, Brad Pitt, Ben Stiller, Martin Scorsese, Bette Midler, Jane Fonda, Mark Twain, Woody Allen, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, Britney Spears, Frank Sinatra, John Malkovich, and John F. Kennedy Jr.

Sagittarius element

The Sagittarius personality traits are associated with the fire element in Western astrology. This element gives rise to the characteristic boldness, free-spiritedness, strong sense of fun and adventure, and recklessness of a Sagittarius. Symbolized by the Archer or the mythical Centaur, the Sagittarius zodiac sign is characterized by impulsiveness, pride, and idealistic fervor. Most especially evident in Sagittarius woman traits, the Sagittarian personality is highly flirtatious and carefree. In men, the need for variety and adventure is a key personality trait.

The mythology of Sagittarius

In Greek mythology, the constellation of Sagittarius is linked to the centaur named Chiron. A centaur is a half human and a half horse mythical creature. Chiron is the son of Saturn and Philyra. He turned himself into a horse in an attempt to escape Rhea, his jealous wife. Chiron was given a place of honor in the sky by Zeus when he was appointed the constellation centaurus or Sagittarius. It is interesting to note that the constellation’s peculiar star formation possess an arrow figure. The arrow-like form points directly at the star Antares. The star of Antares is considered as the heart of the Scorpion.

Sagittarius Zodiac Compatibility

The Sagittarius zodiac sign is best compatible with Aries and Leo. These Sagittarius compatible signs bring about the best possible relationships compared to pairings with the other zodiac signs. Sagittarius has the worst compatibility with Pisces and Capricorn.

Sagittarius compatibility with Aries

Sagittarius love compatibility is strongest with Aries and is expected to be a long and satisfying union for both sun signs. The Mars-Jupiter pairing of these two zodiac signs is an ideal love match because both of them are active socially, very spontaneous, lavish, and fun-loving. In terms of temperament, Aries Sagittarius compatibility is also a perfect match. People who bear the sign of the Archer are blunt, tactless, and quick when it comes to formulating decisions – characteristics which eventually endear them to their Sagittarian partner. The characteristics of Aries are impulsiveness and competitiveness. Arians normally turn out to be brave leaders. Moreover, their recklessness is something that the restless and outgoing Sagittarians can relate to. Arians are optimistic and have a great sense of humor; this will complement and quell a Sagittarian’s tendency to start arguments. Cosmically speaking, Sagittarius compatibility with Aries is expected to forge a strong and enduring relationship.

Sagittarius compatibility with Taurus

The Sagittarius and Taurus pairing is passionate during the early stages of the relationship but the differences between the two sun signs will overwhelm them later on. They will enjoy each other’s company initially, but it will be quite difficult to keep them happy together within the confines of a relationship. The Taurus sun sign is extremely sensual and will soon be estranged by the restless and pleasure-seeking Sagittarius personality traits. At some point, the Taurus will get tired of the Sagittarian’s sporting and flirtatious ways. In terms of domestic abilities, Taurus is ideal and can provide a comfortable and secure home for Sagittarius. Sagittarius, on the other hand, will never notice the great homemaking skills of Taurus. A Sagittarius male will be flirtatious with the opposite sex, and the Taurus female will always yearn for security which the Sagittarian mate cannot provide. A carefree Sagittarius female, on the other hand, will clash against the roughness of her Taurus partner. The relationship will be happy for both signs, but it is not expected to endure.

Sagittarius compatibility with Gemini

Sagittarius and Gemini are exact opposites in terms of their position in the zodiac circle. What is interesting is that the Gemini Sagittarius compatibility tends to pose a strong attraction towards each other. Like Sagittarius, Gemini is highly extroverted, communicative, and flirtatious. The relationship between a Sagittarius and Gemini will most likely begin as a very passionate and a very hurried love affair. These two sun signs symbolize gregariousness and restlessness. They both shun monotony and convention. This pairing will deeply enjoy meaningful conversations together and will have an outgoing life. Insecurity will most likely spring forth from the Sagittarian man because of the flirtatious nature of the Gemini partner. Sagittarius is widely known for being flirtatious, too, but such behavior on a female Gemini will potentially ruin some good times for these fun-loving couple. In a love match between a Sagittarius female and a Gemini male, both will enjoy wonderful physical chemistry. Their restlessness and independence will keep them apart. Since they are both undemanding and flexible, these two can be happily married as long as mutual effort is exerted to make the marriage work.

Sagittarius compatibility with Cancer

A Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility may be feasible, but there are many clashing aspects that are inherent in their personalities. Cancer is emotional and nurturing. Denoted by the Crab and governed by the moon, Cancer is a water sign. A Sagittarian is restless, outgoing, and will always be in search for new partners. A Cancer-born person, on the other hand, is easily satisfied, is a careful planner, and loves domestic life. This compatibility might endure if Cancer controls his or her jealousy when it comes to dealing with the flirtatious ways of a Sagittarius. The Cancer woman must be adventurous to some extent in order to perk the interest of a Sagittarian man. In turn, the Sagittarius man must be responsible and must drive himself to build a financially stable life for his Cancerian mate. Between a Sagittarius woman and a Cancer man, the relationship might work for a period of time, but the Sagittarian will eventually lose interest in the homeliness of the Cancer mate. Sagittarius woman traits are heavily characterized by flighty impulses that enable them to stray outside the bounds of home and relationships. A tremendous amount of mutual effort can keep this compatibility love match to last. Should these two zodiac signs end up in a marriage, the relationship might be bearable but it will not be a happy one.

Sagittarius compatibility with Leo

Leo Sagittarius compatibility is a cosmically perfect and sound arrangement. Both sun signs will pursue their mutual interests towards seeking adventure, freedom, and socialization. Love, to both a Sagittarius and a Leo, is taken as a form of amusement. Thus, they will expectedly entertain themselves in the course of their relationship. Moreover, they will enjoy good physical chemistry. Sagittarius will consistently inspire and stimulate the Leo. In turn, the Leo will encourage the flirtatious Sagittarian to remain faithful to the relationship. Leo-born individuals tend to be stubborn and self-centered; they almost always yearn to be the center of attention. A similar tendency is also seen in Sagittarius. When kindled in the course of a relationship, these two compatible zodiac signs will become the centers of each other’s attention. Leo is a fire sign, and it is ruled by the sun. Leo will dominate the Sagittarian when they are in a relationship. The strong compatibility between a Leo and a Sagittarius is present because these sun signs bear the fire sign. In Sagittarius Leo compatibility, both signs comprehend and can relate to the needs of each other. A marriage between a Sagittarius and a Leo will be happy because both partners can constantly keep the interest towards each other.

Sagittarius compatibility with Virgo

Virgo Sagittarius compatibility is only average at best. Virgo carries the earth sign. Sagittarius, on the other hand, bears the fire sign. Fire and earth are both mutable signs so these two birth signs have a decent level of compatibility. This slight compatibility between a Sagittarius and a Virgo may not be strong enough to sustain a long term relationship. Virgo-born individuals are hasty with their criticisms, are very methodical and analytical; these are key personality traits of a Virgo that will clash severely with the whimsical-mindedness of a Sagittarius. Furthermore, any Sagittarian will be too adoring and too childish for the practical and conservative Virgo. To make this compatibility work in a love match, mutual understanding and forgiveness of each other’s failings must be constantly exercised during the trying times in the relationship. The only common ground in a Virgo Sagittarius compatibility is that they both enjoy intellectual stimulation. That may keep their interest and their relationship going for a period of time.

Sagittarius compatibility with Libra

The pairing between the extroverted Libra and the adventurous Sagittarian might be great if both sun signs can respect each other’s differences and to forgive each other’s failings. It is interesting to note that boredom will not be an issue in this relationship because the Sagittarian’s freedom-loving ways will forever endear him or her to the Libra partner. Libra’s own adventures, on the other hand, will not interest Sagittarius at all. Libra-born individuals have a solid sense of justice; they also exhibit cleverness. Intellectual stimulation and socializing with new people will be common avenues to bring the two sun signs together. Their potential misunderstanding will be in Libra’s placing a priority to search for a reliable partner. A Libra takes relationships very seriously. If and only if a Libra can work around the flirtatious nature of a Sagittarius, then this compatibility in a love match has a chance of turning into a worthwhile partnership.

Sagittarius compatibility with Scorpio

Scorpio Sagittarius compatibility is considered good, though an element of unpredictability always comes into play. This pairing has a considerable degree of compatibility because both zodiac signs bear common interests. Both signs are adventurous and freedom-loving; they need a lot of variety and independence in their lives. Scorpio is dominant and strong, but he or she cannot match the daring and flirtatiousness of Sagittarius. Sagittarians look at love affairs in a casual way, while Scorpios treat all relationships quite seriously. These two sun signs will expectedly have fun together, but it sure will not last. There could be a chance for a Scorpio and a Sagittarius to stay in a long-term relationship provided that the Scorpio will give the Sagittarian adventure and freedom, and the Sagittarian will learn to be inspired by the ambition, strength, and determination of a Scorpio. 

Sagittarius compatibility with Capricorn

Unless Sagittarius lessens his or her impulsiveness and flirtatious ways, this pairing of signs in a love match has the worst compatibility. Capricorn-born individuals are cautious, sincere, conservative, and short-tempered. Sagittarians are irresponsible, impatient, reckless, and outspoken. A Capricorn is a loner while a Sagittarian is a carefree person who socializes frequently. At many points in their relationship, the Sagittarius will see his or her Capricorn mate to be weak and boring. The loyal and generally shy Capricorn will constantly be frustrated by his or her flighty Sagittarian mate. In this pairing, both sun signs will have a good time together during the early stages of their relationship. The Sagittarius will introduce adventure and fun to the introverted Capricorn’s life. Their differences in perspective, in the end, will draw them further apart from each other.

Sagittarius compatibility with Aquarius

Aquarius and Sagittarius have a very good chance at achieving a happy and satisfying relationship. This compatibility in a love match between the two zodiac signs exhibit a common need for freedom, independence, and adventure. Aquarius Sagittarius compatibility will be characterized by inventiveness, optimism, and unpredictability. They will certainly have fun socializing with many new people during the course of their relationship. Furthermore, because of their easygoing attitudes, Aquarius and Sagittarius possess no jealous streaks or emotional swings. In the Aquarius Sagittarius compatibility, both parties will seek variety and will take many enjoyable unplanned trips together. Dependency and clinginess will not enter their relationship because they value independence so much. There are many personality traits that these two birth signs have in common. Therefore, it is expected that any relationship or a marriage between a Sagittarius and an Aquarius will be a satisfying union filled with joy and adventure.

Sagittarius compatibility with Pisces

A Sagittarius love match for Pisces is never a good thing. The union of Pisces and Sagittarius has the worst compatibility when it comes to a love match. Although these birth signs share a common interest when it comes to seeking adventure, fun, and romance, the Sagittarius is so much more energetic, optimistic, and exuberant than a normally serene Pisces. The typical Sagittarius personality traits are characterized by being straightforward and being idealistic, which will continuously drive a Sagittarian to assault verbally the fickle-minded and sentimental Pisces. The harshly candid speech of a Sagittarius towards a Pisces partner is not meant to be intentional, but it will still have the effect of alienating both individuals in this incompatible pairing. Sagittarius-born people are flirtatious, romantic, and overly friendly. These key characteristics will overpower and stifle the quiet dreaminess and romanticism of a Pisces. All in all, there is a tremendous lack of rhythm between these two zodiac signs. The relationship may have a chance at working out fine, but there has to be a serious mutual effort from both parties. This mutual effort may act as a catalyst for the two to focus on something together, and help them to circumvent the negative aspects of them being in relationship together.


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