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Pisces profile information and traits

Pisces horoscope

Pisces signThe Pisces zodiac sign are those born from February 19 and March 20.  Those who are born between those dates have the following Pisces characteristics:

  • Compassionate
  • Adaptable
  • Accepting
  • Devoted
  • Imaginative

Of course, being a Pisces can have some drawbacks.  Some of the drawbacks of being a Pisces are:

  • Oversensitive
  • Indecisive
  • Self-pitying
  • Lazy
  • Escapist

Pisces and Independence:

Pisces are great in groups or on their own, but they cannot stay on their own for a long time or else they will fall into their own self-pitying nature.  When they are alone, they are creative and think of all these great ideas to bring upon their own happiness.  However, this happiness isn’t stable unless they have a role model of some sort showing them the way.  Without the role model, they start to feel lost and out of place.

Pisces and Friendship:

Pisces are very loyal to the ones they hold dear, and will go out of their way to help any of their close friends or family.  They are extremely sympathetic and apathetic and will suffer their friend’s pain with them.  Now this sympathetic nature of theirs can sometimes take a turn for the worse; they find themselves looking for people who desperately need some form of help, and go out of their way to help them in order to feel like they have a purpose in life.  The more people they try to help, the more likely they are able to find someone who they are unable to help, which ultimately demoralizes them and drowns them into a sea of self-loathing.  Pisces can be very negative when they start to think about the flaws, and need a friend who can always give them the appreciation they deserve when they lend a helping hand.

Pisces and Business/Money:

Pisces make great followers, but not such great leaders.  They should stay away from positions of power and focus on aiding the ones in control.  They are generally loyal to whoever appreciates them, since they lack their own self-confidence, and will give everything in their power to help this person.  Although they are not natural leaders, they are extremely creative and very useful in a work environment.  Their work inspires people to do their best, and brings forth the full potential of others.  However, the downside to this is that Pisces never look for their own full potential.

Pisces and Temperament:

Pisces are very mysterious and can be any of two extremes.  They can be really positive and happy, lifting up the spirits of those around them, or they can be negative and self-pitying.  When befriending a Pisces, you must be prepared for both of those sides of the Pisces coin.

Pisces on the Inside:

Pisces are very aware of their surroundings and make great friends because they will always know when you are hiding pain inside, and will be willing to help.  They like to trust their gut and it usually works out well for them, however, their kind nature makes it so they often get taken advantage of.  All of these things put together make the Pisces very vulnerable, they know when someone is in trouble and will give everything they have to help them, even if it means putting themselves in an unfavorable position.  While it can troublesome for the Pisces, this is also their greatest strength, because they are able to draw people toward them with their kindness; however, Pisces have a hard time choosing the appropriate partners and usually won’t make the right choices when it comes to people, even when all the options are available.

Pisces Summarized:

Pisces are mysterious people that generally try to turn their wants a reality.  They are kind people who can be taken advantage of without even knowing it.  They have a hard time with people, even though they draw a lot of people toward them, they do not know how to make the right choices and end up with a bad life partner if they don’t receive any advice.  When it comes to business, Pisces like to stay in the background and prop up the leaders, rather than being the leader themselves.

Pisces and Romance

Pisces are very spiritual and are taken in by someone that they can share those feelings with.  If you talk about spirituality or astrology with them, they are sure to open up to you about their feelings.  They are sensitive people and always willing to help, and make great life partners.  When it comes to sex, they are one of the more loving of the Zodiacs; they make sure that they make love to their partners passionately and sensually.  Before coitus, they like to play games or foreplay in order to really bring about sexual desire between them and their partners.

Dating a Pisces Woman:

Pisces women really seem out of this world because of how in touch they are with their spiritual side.  They are very old fashioned and love being protected by a manly man, so if you are dating a Pisces woman, you can expect to feel masculine and important.  They let you make all the decisions and will treat you like a king.  But beware, with her beauty and enticing nature come eyes that see through all sorts of lies.  If you try to get away with anything and lie to her face, you can expect it to backfire on her.  She is looking for a life partner that she can share everything with, and if you are not ready to commit to that, the Pisces woman may not be right for you.  However, if you are looking for someone special, that is playful and faithful, she may be the perfect choice for you.

Dating a Pisces Man:

Pisces men are hopeless romantics that love to make the woman feel loved.  While they may not be the manly men that like to be rugged and tough, they are sensitive and will let a woman know how much she is loved.  His one flaw, however, is that he is looking for the “perfect woman” which, as we all know, is impossible to find.  Once he realizes there is no such thing, he may quickly fall out of love and fall into a state of depression.  Keeping a Pisces man is tough, but if you manage to do it, you will find yourself in a loving relationship with someone that will make you feel special every day of your life.